Chandigarh,09.10.19-To mark the victory of good over evil, Dussehra was celebrated at Sri Aurobindo School of Integral Education, Chandigarh with religious spirit and devotion.The school wore a festive look. An Inter house activity was organised whereby the Students came dressed up as various characters from Ramayana. They enacted the scenes from different kands of Ramayana along with chaupai gayan and mesmerised the audience with their performance. They brought to life scenes from Lord Ram’s childhood, his wedding, his years of exile, the abduction of Sita, and at last the slaying of Ravan. Everyone around enjoyed the serene atmosphere created by the chanting of Chaupais. This year, the school took an eco-friendly initiative to celebrate the festival without burning an effigy. The balloons spreading the message of imbibing the values like truth, justice, humility,peace and honesty were flown into the sky.
The Chairman, Mr Arvind Mehan and the Principal, Mrs Garima S Bhardwaj congratulated the students on this auspicious occasion and urged them to follow the path of truth, honesty and discipline in their lives.