Chandigarh 18 August 2019:The very day the government abrogated the article 370, by evening more than 1 crore people joined BJP in one day. It was a record breaking day for the BJP membership campaign. This clearly indicates that people of the country have welcomed the decision by Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Ammit Shah” said, BJP National Vice President, MP, and in charge of BJP Chandigarh Prabhat Jha during one of the several events organized by BJP Chandigarh under their membership campaign.

Addressing the people on the occasion Prabhat Jha said that BJP membership has reached a total of 12 crore. People are coming forward and becoming member of BJP all by themselves. BJP has also left China behind in terms of membership of political party. Chinese political party includes their army and government employees in the 8 crore members. However, BJP members are now 12 crores which is a world record. No political party have ever got so much support from the people. He added, “Today nation is moving fast in direction of development under the able leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Current government has undertaken unprecedented measures for upliftment of poor through their various schemes like Ayushman Bharat, Ujwala Yojna, Pension scheme for labourers and many other such schemes. And above all these schemes have been implemented without any discrimination on basis of religion, region or caste.”

On the occasion BJP Chandigarh Membership Campaign President also addressed the people. He said, “BJP Chandigarh had accepted a target of I Lakh 25 thousand members and he is confident that we will reach the target.”

Ravinder Pathania, in-charge of membership Campaign for district 2 thanked everyone for their support and contribution towards the membership campaign. He said, all workers and even new members have been working hard to add more members.