Chandigarh,24.06.18-The Chandigarh Region Menopause Society (CRMS) celebrated the International Day of Yoga by a program on 2 days, 23rd and 24th June, for its members as well as members of the Chandigarh Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (COGS). CRMS is a multi-speciality organisation with interest in all aspects of the health of mature women, be it bone loss, heart problems, loss of strength, vitality, depression, cognitive decline, urinary frequency or leakage or sexual issues. Its members include gynaecologists, endocrinologists, orthopaedics, rheumatologists, cardiologists, pathologists, oncologists, oncosurgeons, breast surgeons, psychiatrists, dentists, psychologists, and non-medicos as members are welcome too. The program “The Essence of Yoga”, conceptualised and organised by the President of CRMS, Dr. Nirja Chawla, and was facilitated by the well known yoga expert, Ms. Usha Chengappa, who has 20 years of experience as a yoga instructor and Head of Mumbai and Delhi Branches of her guru, Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga chain of national and international yoga centres. She also was the anchor and face of NDTV’s popular yoga program, Bodyliscous. The 2 day workshop was designed by Ms Chengappa to have experiential yoga followed by touching upon the eight-fold path laid down by Sage Pathajali and a basic understanding of the ‘koshas’ with explanations of the body-mind connection. How can one prevent and heal diseases is a question which all doctors deal with at every moment. Scientific understanding of yoga and its actions can unlock the mysteries of the body. Knowing oneself one knows the world. This brief program was just a taste of the esoteric aspects of yog, which is much beyond the contorted asanas and breath that we know of. It was a huge success and was followed by delightful light refreshments.
The President of the Chandigarh Region Menopause Society hopes to hold a similar program for the organisation under its umberella, Club 35, which is meant totally for the education, scientific temperament and empowerment of the mature, lay woman, not connected to the medical field at all. Club 35 is organised by Dr. Ritambra Bhalla and Dr. Seema Sharma and it welcomes any women to become a member to gain an invite to lectures and educational programs organised by it.