PALAMPUR,26.11.20-Along with pristine natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh has various traditions and folklore that reflect its rich culture.The Culture of Himachal Pradesh is different from the other state of India.

Its dance forms are varied and some are quite complicated. The dance and music of the state is mainly religion-oriented where gods are invoked during the festivals by singing and dancing.

This practice has continued since ancient times. Reflecting unity in diversity, Himachal Pradesh is a land where the different religions are followed and different languages are spoken. The beauty of the culture of Himachal Pradesh lies in its simplicity.

The culture of Himachal Pradesh is rich in diversity and traditions, and thanks to the lofty terrains and challenging reach, it is not yet influenced by the western glitters, largely. There are many communities, many religions, and people from different castes that dwell in harmony in this state.

Their cultures are exhibited in their traditions, rituals and their dresses.The attire of Himachal people is very beautiful and vibrant. And it's made according to the harsh weather conditions that linger all year round.

Warm and cosy, the handwoven dresses are an attraction for people who visit the state from other parts of the country and world. Right from the caps to the dresses to the footwear, most of it is weaved manually.The harmony with which diversity prevails in the culture of people of Himachal has once again proved that the Indian subcontinent has “the unity that absorbs diversity”.
- Anika Sharma