*Inspection at ground-zero continues- Water Minister Atishi inspects Ashok Vihar JJ Colony for sewerage issues
*Water Minister pulls up DJB officials for the dismal state of the sewerage system, warns them of strict action for negligence at work
*Public shared with the Water Minister- The sewer lines haven't been cleaned for a long time, and dirty water is going into the streets and homes
*Anguished public blames officials, says- They don't listen despite repeated complaints and haven't taken steps to resolve the sewerage issues
*Shocking truth exposed- Despite the presence of machines, sewer lines are not being cleaned by DJB
*Water Minister questions officials- Despite having machines, why are people still troubled, and why is there neglect in sewer cleaning?
*Delhi Jal Board's role is to ensure clean water and improved sewer systems for people; If officials aren't fulfilling this duty, they should consider resigning- Water Minister Atishi
*Water Minister directs officials to conduct daily visits, install machines in every block of Ashok Vihar JJ Colony , and promptly clean all sewer lines
*As long as Arvind Kejriwal is Delhi's Chief Minister, he won't let the work for the people of Delhi stop, no matter how many challenges come in the way- Water Minister Atishi
NEW DELHI- 7TH DECEMBER, 2023-While continuing the series of inspections in response to sewer complaints, Water Minister Atishi conducted an inspection in various parts of Ashok Vihar JJ Colony on Thursday. Upon witnessing overflowing sewer water on the streets, she sternly pulled up the officials for negligence. Expressing dissatisfaction with the deplorable condition of the sewer system, the Water Minister issued a strong warning to officials, stating that they should work responsibly or else, they will have to face severe action.
Despite receiving continuous complaints from the people about sewer issues, no steps were being taken by the DJB officials to address the problem. In this situation, the Water Minister personally descended to ground zero to assess the situation. During the inspection, people shared that the area has been facing sewer problems for a long time. The sewer lines have not been cleaned for months, leading to sewage water overflowing on the streets.
On this matter, they informed the Delhi Jal Board, sending complaints repeatedly, but despite that, no steps were taken to resolve the sewer problem. Officials are unwilling to address the issue despite being informed about it.
Promptly addressing public complaints, the Water Minister sternly pulled up the officials. She stated that the Kejriwal government will not tolerate any negligence in the work of the public. Officials should always be accountable to the public, and if any officer shows negligence, they should be ready for strict action against them. She directed officials to swiftly resolve all sewer issues in the area.
During a surprise inspection, the Water Minister found that in many lanes, sewer water was flowing outside the sewer, causing significant inconvenience to people and damaging the streets. Upon seeing the sewer water flowing in the lane, the Water Minister, reprimanding officials, stated that such negligence is not acceptable in the Kejriwal government. She directed the officials to immediately start work to resolve the issue.
Upon checking the logbook, the Water Minister found that despite the presence of machines, sewer cleaning was not being carried out. In response, the Water Minister questioned officials, asking why there was negligence in the matter of sewer cleaning despite the availability of machines and the public-facing inconvenience.
Water Minister stated that the Jal Board's job is to provide people with clean water and better sewer systems. If officials are not fulfilling this responsibility towards the public, they should resign from their jobs. In the Kejriwal government, such negligence towards the public will not be tolerated. She directed officials to conduct daily ground visits, create checklists for issues, and install machines in every block of Ashok Vihar J.J Colony to immediately clean all sewer lines.
Assuring the people, Water Minister Atishi stated that no matter how many obstacles arise, as long as Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of Delhi, he will not let the work for the people of Delhi come to a halt.