Chandigarh 29 Apr 2021-NCC is in the process of training the youth to ensure a brighter and progressive future for them as well as for the country. The training curriculum is ever dynamic introducing new training activities every now and then, suiting the changing needs of the times. The youth of today finds itself in the midst of a world of unprecedented knowledge explosion and fast changing societal norms. To keep them at pace with these changes, new training programmes such as training in computers, personality development courses and career counselling have been started in NCC.

NCC has always been in the forefront of national activities since its inception. It has been the endeavour of the organisation to groom the youth of the country to serve the national cause. Efforts will be continued in this direction and NCC will strive to excel in all spheres, keeping in view the NCC Motto.

NEP 2020 advocates choice based credit system(CBCS) as integral part of education and a need has been felt that NCC should be introduced as general elective credit course in schools, technical institutions and universities to motivate students to join NCC in order to be disciplined and instill in them the feeling of patriotism.All students making NCC as a choice as subject will immensely benefit by obtaining academic credits for NCC training and will additionally enhance their employment opportunities by acquiring NCC ‘B’ & ‘C’ certificates when enrolled as a cadet.

Ministry of Education in 2015 decided to implement the decision and UGC in 2016 also issued circular to all universities to implement the aforesaid decision taken, however somehow it could not be implemented then. In order to fulfil the objective, an in-depth study has been carried out by DG NCC to have NCC as a General Elective Credit Course as per NEP-2020, under the “Choice Based Credit System”. University Grants Commission has requested Vice Chancellors of all universities for appropriate action in this regard.