Chandigarh, 7,January , (Dr.Sunita Shastri).Famous actor God Kharau Band, Jagjit Sandhu, Lucky Dhaliwal by company Actress arusi Sharma coveted Punjabi film 'Kaka ji' announced ralijinga date in Chandigarh today. Film director Mandeep Producer Rajesh Kumar with benipala and were present but also housemate lively visesataura.Kaka, a romantic comedy takes us in the movie that the 90's when there are "black kache" gang in Punjab and Kaka (Dev kharau Band) dippi (arusi Sharma at this time),which What is in love with the girl, living in the village. The film is based on the story of Kaka that Royal is the son of Sardar Avtar Singh Brar. This is to get your love story film KakaThe film was shot around Chandigarh and pieces ludhiana. Film Dev kharau destarakasta, arusi Sharma, Jagjit Sandhu, sehara, Dheeraj Kumar, Lucky Dhaliwal, Anita meat, light gadhu and Gurmeet Sajan as brilliant and famous actor included . DirectorMandeep benipala the this kahauni to a Awesome direction of is that millions people byHeart joregi. songs and music Gurmeet Singh, has been by Laddi Gill and ekavindara. And Worldwide Rights vaitahilsa Its music studio.Dev kharau de the film about in thing when Hue Said, "I ever your work by withexperiment How good looks is and this bar I a such film by with nanny I'm that my first ofwas films of style from Sure separate . I and my full team the this film on too labor of . The film is filled with entertainment and Punchline. The film will take you in the 90's, which no one can remember the experience at the time, "the actress arusi Sharma said" automatically found the opportunity to work with famous and experienced industry people I am lucky to understand . In the film, I had a lot of fun in playing the role of dippi "The film's director says Mandeep benipala Opportunities "I'm happy with what I've become part of the film. The film is very entertaining and sabane is very hard work and a good for the film is very close to my heart. the film was created to see to try haiphilma audience with group and family Lott Pot Hussey.Three English Super Hits (Rupinder Gandhi 1, 2 Rupinder Gandhi and Dr. robbers hairless) 'Kaka' Dream Reality Movies banner fourth film since.