New Delhi, November 13:   World leaders gathered at South Korean capital Seoul today launched new forum Inter-Religious Association for Peace and Development for ensuring peace between various conflict ridden countries and stressed upon end of all sorts of conflicts.

Representing sikhs on the launch ceremony of the forum the DSGMC General Secretary Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa said who opened his address with sikh tradition and recited waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, said that this is an historic opportunity when efforts have been intensified for establishment of world particularly among the nations engaged in conflicts.

Mr. sirsa said that centuries ago sikh guru sahiban had given message of peace in their teaching and Guru Nanak Dev ji had even criticized the invader Babar for conflicts.

 He said that today whole world has realized that peace is a pre condition for development and progress. He said at this crucial juncture of history launch of Inter Religious Association for Peace and Development will go a long way in achieving mission of world peace.


Congratulating Universal Peace Federation leadership for the initiative Mr. Sirsa said that it is great effort and service of humanity. He assured the world leaders gathered on the occasion that he along with other sikh leaders will play a pro active role for achieving mission of the new form and will be happy to join UPF.


Concluding his remarks again as per sikh tradition and uttering waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Mr. Sirsa said that teachings of sikh guru sahiban have always remained guiding force for him and will continue to do so.