CHANDIGARH,28.07.21-The four Centre of Excellences (CoEs) of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) presented their service portfolio and expertise to Shri K K Yadav, Commissioner, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation & CEO of Chandigarh Smart City Ltd (CSCL) and his team. The four CoEs were: CII- CoE for Competitiveness for SMEs; CII – Triveni Water Institute; CII – ITC CoE for Sustainable Development; and CII - Godrej Green Business Centre.

The services portfolio of CII’s CoEs were appreciated by Mr Yadav. He said that the solution presented by CII’s Centre for Excellences are very much relevant as far as Chandigarh is concerned and we must work in collaboration to take it further.

Mr K K Yadav was of the opinion that Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, Chandigarh Smart City Ltd, CREST and CII- Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness for SMEs, the quad collaboration can help in identifying areas where solar panel can be setup. Similarly, in the area of Water Management CSCL would like to collaborate with CII – Triveni Water Institute for wastewater management (Sewage and Industrial wastewater) and most importantly for lowering of NRW (Non-Revenue Water) with tools like WATSCAN etc. In the area of Airshed management, CSCL would like to collaborate with CII – ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, he added.

Mr Yadav appreciated the idea of Green City Rating programme of CII - Godrej Green Business Centre and suggested signing of an MoU between Chandigarh Smart City Ltd and IGBC for Green Auditing of the Chandigarh.

Mr Manish Gupta, Chairman, CII Chandigarh UT said that CII would extend all possible support of its Centre of Excellence (CoEs) for Smart City Projects in Chandigarh. He complimented the work & project execution by CSCL pertaining to basic infrastructure services like Water Supply and Sewerage, Sanitation, Urban transport with innovative smart solutions. Integrating e-governance solutions with the services provided by the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh will greatly benefit citizens of City Beautiful, he added.

Mr Deepak Kansal, Vice Chairman, CII Chandigarh UT said that citizen consultation and a transparent system by which citizens can rate different services is the way forward to continuous development and performance improvement of the smart city model.

About CII-Godrej GBC : It works with stakeholders to offer world class advisory services on conservation of natural resources.

About CII-ITC CESD : It catalyses innovative ideas and solutions, in India and globally, to enable business, and its stakeholders, in sustainable value creation.

About CII Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness for SMEs : It provides transformational services for enhancing capabilities of SMEs to achieve a global footprint through benchmark best practices.

About CII-Triveni Water Institute : It aims to transform water conservation & management in India, resulting in more effective & sustainable water management practices at the grass root level.