NOIDA,21.07.20-The current pandemic has brought a lot of negativity and this has further led to a lot of negative clutter in our homes as well. We tend to focus on physical clutter and clear the clutter. However we very easily overlook the clutter of energies that we live amidst. It is very easy for these energies to build up and to bring you down. With the current issue of the COVID pandemic, there is a major shift of energies, and there is a lot of negativity, chaos, and confused energies doing the rounds. Most of the people are unsure of how to manage their lives and all of these energies are in-fact leading to major negative energy build-ups within homes.

So, you might now wonder how to get rid of negative vibes from your home. Like, in the case of mind and body and spirit connection, the environment we live in a number of physical and energetic realms. It is necessary to create balance and harmony in the environments that we live in. This will not only helps in terms of health, but will also prove to be an effective approach to manage the energies and to build a stronger and safer environment, which in turn affects our mental, physical well-being and relationships as well.

One can get rid of the negativity from homes at any point of time. The process simply ensures that the environment we live has more positivity. This can have a direct impact on the minds of people living at home, as well as their physical well – being. A space clearing can be done especially when you feel like you are having a bad day, you have been unwell, facing a breakup or loss, when you feel fights have increased, during major life changes, and even if you just feel stuck in where you presently are. With the current times, and the pandemic, there is negativity, not only outside, but a constant fear and negative energies from the news as well.

What should I do?

So, if your next question is what should I do, and how can I clear my space, then read on to know some simple step!

  • One of the simplest approaches that you can use is to mix some rock salt into a spray bottle full of water and spray this across your home. Salt has a healing property, which helps in reducing negativity, and helps in removing negative energies as well.
  • Another thing you can focus on is adding a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oil to your diffuser. The smell of the zesty citrus or the lavender will help create a balance and relaxed environment and the atmosphere tends to get cleaned as well.
  • Another simple step that can be taken is to light lamps across your home, fluff your pillows on the couches, and to clean up your space to remove any clutter. Dusting and cleaning is also a good way to clear all negative energies. Using different sounds, like bells, wind chimes across the house also helps in bringing in positive energies and helps reduce the overall negative flow within the living environment.

In conclusion, the most important approach is to cleanse your own mind of all the negative thoughts and to reach out to clear all fears, and insecurities from your mind. Just like we take out the garbage on a daily basis, it is important to clean our minds as well. This is a major influence on what we can expect in our lives. We are what we think! So the more positive thoughts and happier thoughts that we put out to the universe, the better will be our overall cleanse.