*Deputy Chief Minister inaugurates the Advanced Data Analysis Capacity Development Program online*
*A deeper understanding of data will lead to better planning: Manish Sisodia*
*The planning department should be able to provide reliable data immediately as per the needs of every department: Sisodia*
*We have plenty of data, but the important thing is to have an in-depth understanding of it: Sisodia*
NEW DELHI : 21.09.2020-Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that better planning can be done in the public interest only by a better understanding of data. Keeping Delhi's all-round development in mind, he emphasized on developing a good understanding of data analysis for planning.
The Advanced Data Analysis Capacity Development Program for Delhi Government officials started today. Inaugurating it online, Mr. Sisodia said, “We have plenty of data, but the important thing is to understand it. Its method of analysis, maintenance, and processing should be such that it helps us to meet future needs.”
Dy CM said, “If we can identify how many 1-year-old children we currently have in Delhi then only we will be able to estimate the total number of classrooms required to accommodate those children in the first grade after six years. If we estimate how many children are there in the first class today and how many seats of class XII will be required after 12 years, then we will be able to plan the infrastructure needs accordingly. Planning department officials need a deeper understanding of this.”
Shri Manish Sisodia said, “Our planning department should be well equipped with every kind of data which our departments, ministers and officers may need in future. Our Planning Department has such a competent team that can provide clean data as per our requirement within two hours.”
Mr. Sisodia said, “Often we hear about policy failure. The reason for this is that while making policies, the officials do not know about its total number of beneficiaries.” He added, “Advanced data analysis helps in giving clarity on these things. A deeper understanding of the data will lead to better planning.”
Deputy Chief Minister said, “Implementation of GST brought in big changes in jobs across different sectors where certain industries completely disappeared from Delhi and in some other sectors, job prospects increased significantly. Such type of data is also extremely helpful.”
Mr. Sisodia said, “Our Planning Department has to become an expert of data. It is your responsibility to provide clean data to all the departments of the government as per their needs on an immediate basis.”
This capacity development program will run for one week for 25 Planning and Statistics Officers associated with the Planning Department of the Delhi Government. It is being conducted in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Public Administration. Mr. Sisodia extended his best wishes to all the participating officials and expressed gratitude towards the trainers. He said, “With this training, our officers will be able to understand how to use data in the most effective manner.”