CHANDIGARH,03.06.20-These are very difficult times and many persons who are elderly are feeling the pinch of loneliness .Since some of them are on social media ,they need some communication or even appreciation of their posts.As I have taught psychological approach to literature to MA classes telling briefly about Sigmund Freud ,Jung and Addler ,I deem it my duty to cheer up others .

When I read poems or prose passages of others,I would applaud the content and style of the writer.I would not apply high standards of literary appreciation (which was part of teaching of M A English) and would find some good points in theme or diction.Sameway I feel euphoric when my good friends pat my back by praising my absolutely ordinary posts or lap up cartoons made by me via softwares.

Even at times others are only using superficial remarks to praise the contents of a post,still the author feels happy.

This is required as a big boost in these "lonely "times.We have now the role of psychiatrists too.We need assure others that situation would improve and if certain fields of life have only disappointment still we should accept it as a fait accompli.

When I tell school kids that their paintings are good,they are delighted.Sameway when I tell poets that they have chosen a good theme,they feel relaxed.Believe me certain observations howsoever filmsy they are serve as a tonic.For example ,my cooking have been overcooked but my friends on facebook kept on egging me on and now I am able to have at least two meals a day.

As I have been Founder Principal of a college many sad persons feel elevated at my comments on their writings,paintings or photography.

This game of throwing challenges is equally euphoric as the participants display their talent in their chosen field.let us all view others from a psychological perspective and send vibrant vibes to those who may be crest fallen by telling them their crest is high and they should feel cascades of optimism.I also feel motivational speakers are doing excellent service by encouraging others to hone their talents.Some intelligent persons are instructing about Public Speaking which really helps the shy and those having stage fright.All such friends are requested to carry on with laudable ventures.Psychological counselling is the need of hour.Even youngsters and grown up persons may have spell of fear,futility of life,stress and mood disorder.We should reach out such persons and talk to them explaining the overall perspective.It is sad that some dejected person may have suicidal tendencies.We should not stand on prestige and go out of way to talk to these people via phone or meeting them by keeping safe distance and wearing mask.All our near relatives or friends should chat via social media channels and share lively jokes or comedy videos .At this point even good morning or happy birthday postings really help.Prayers and listening to holy hymns also build faith in oneself.

People are taking to excessive drinking (some of them )they should be advised that alchoal is only temporary relief and it reduces immunity.We should also talk to children and teach them in a jovial manner about topics that we can cover.I have my you tube video lessons on my channel "Principal Bhupinder "

I have also made Art work of idioms and vocabulary.We must get focused on some e project eg Quiz,paintings,photography and poetry writing.As a teacher,I recommend that we should post comments on posts of others who look forlorn and we should shed this attitude of isolation."You donot read my posts or my articles ,so I do not read yours"one may think.But it is not the way in these unusual times.Let us be generous and work togather to dispel worry,fear and sorrow.