Date :- 29th March 2020

The Director General of Police,

Chandigarh Police



Regarding life of Super Senior Citizens during COVID 19 in UT and requesting list of Single and Couple Senior Citizens

Sir, In the wake of COVID 19 ,first Lock-down than curfew was announced in Chandigarh. We are all praise for all arrangements made not only to fight for COVID 19 but for ensuring supplied of essential items also.

Since the beginning of Lock Down Members of Second Innings Association (SIA) have been calling and inquiring about well being of our Senior and Experienced Citizens almost daily. We are talking to them in details to discuss their daily life. During the discussion it is found that, though by and large found satisfactory, many are facing difficulty regarding shortage banking facilities, maids and attendants and most importantly they want someone just to talk tyo them and just talking to them even for 5 minutes gives them lot of relief.

As per estimates there are around 600-700 Senior Citizens who are either staying alone or Couples who are very old with their children. SIA has issued an appeal to all their relatives in tricity to be with them, We have also felt that we should talk ti them and find out their well being regularly during the period lock-down and Curfew.

Since the period of Lock-down to fight COVID likely to be long it requested that a list of Senior Citizens living alone or old Couples may be supplied to SIA solely for the purpose of getting in touch with them and talk to them to assure that there is sufficient mechanism to care of them.

If at all any problem come to our knowledge, we the member of SIA will bring to the knowledge of Police Deptt and Social Welfare Deptt for any redressal.

We hope that with guidance from Chandigarh Police we will be able usher in atmosphere of assurance in lives of all such Senior Citizens

For an early action please.

For Second Innings Association

R K Garg


M 9872692400