Mohali, April 13, 2024: This Baisakhi, CP67 Mall has embarked on a vibrant journey to bring the soulful essence of Punjab to the heart of the city through its exclusive ‘Saada Pind’ celebrations. The mall is hosting an unparalleled celebration of Punjab's rich cultural heritage, serving as a gateway for city residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the traditional spirit of Punjabiyat. Amidst the bustling urban landscape, the Baisakhi festivities at the mall is offering a unique blend of nostalgia and celebration.

Blending urbanity with tradition, CP67 Mall has meticulously recreated the ‘Saada Pind’ environment by setting up the heartwarming ‘Homeland the Pind’- a quintessential Punjabi village. The ‘Homeland Da Pind’, with its rustic and earthy vibes, has truly captured the ethos and atmosphere of a Punjab village. The Baisakhi setup includes mud huts, wells, and bullock carts, transforming the mall into a vibrant scene straight out of the villages of Punjab. Visitors are greeted with traditional items like Manji, Pakhiyan, Charka, and Madhani, and mannequins dressed in colorful traditional attire as Gabru and Muteyaar, fostering a profound connection to Punjabi culture. This thoughtful decor, encapsulating the essence of Punjab beyond Baisakhi, will be on display until the 21st of this month, extending the festive spirit.

The highlight of these celebrations was the ‘Cutest Gabru and Muteyaar’ competition, held as a fashion show on 13th April, today, where children aged 4-10 expressed their fashion flair in traditional Punjabi attire. 150 students from 5 schools namely, Paragon Senior Secondary School, Manav Mangal Smart School, Mount Carmel School and The Veda Toddlers from Mohali and Dikshant Global School from Zirakpur, participated in the fashion show with the cutest Gabru and cutest Muteyaar won by Manraj and Sahiba respectively. Both are students of Paragon Senior Secondary School.

The winning Gabru and Muteyaar will be getting a free photoshoot and the chance to be the face of CP67 for the month of April along with other exciting prizes. This initiative aims to weave the community into the celebration of Punjabi culture.

Sharing his excitement at the mall’s elaborate Baiskahi celebrations, Mr. Umang Jindal, CEO of Homeland Group, CP67 Mall in Mohali – a project by Unity Homeland, said, “The Baisakhi celebrations are a vibrant testament to the cultural tapestry of Punjab. We are excited to offer a comprehensive experience that entertains and connects our visitors to our rich heritage.”

No celebration of Punjab would be complete without the dynamic energy of Bhangra. CP67 Mall is inviting everyone to join in the free Bhangra workshops conducted by expert trainers on April 13th, and 14th where they are getting a chance to dance to the beats of the traditional ‘Dhol’ and groovy Punjabi music. Moreover, embracing Punjab's artistic soul, a Pottery Workshop is being held on April 12th, 13th, and 14th, featuring expert artisans ready to guide you in crafting your piece of art, with free pottery pieces as giveaways.

The ‘PAKKE PUNJAB WALE’ Facebook campaign further enhances the festive atmosphere with a daily quiz about Punjab and Baisakhi, awarding a daily winner with an assured voucher, from April 5th to 20th.

This Baisakhi, CP67 mall in Mohali has given people a unique opportunity to experience ‘Saada Pind’ through the ‘Homeland Da Pind’ set up at the mall which is invoking the true spirit of Punjab, where traditional charm and modern life meet, creating memories and connections to last a lifetime.