Mahendergarh, 14.06.24-Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendergarh organized a one-day seminar on Narad Jayanti. The theme of the seminar was ‘Solution journalism and Public welfare’. The event was organized to make students of the department aware of the history of Hindi journalism and the contribution of Narad Muni to the field of journalism and communication.

On this occasion, Prof. Manoj Dayal, Senior Professor, was invited as the chief guest for the seminar. Anand Sharma, Sushil Sharma, Pradeep Mathur, and other senior journalists were also invited. While addressing the students, Prof. Manoj Dayal enlightened them about Narad Muni and Hindi journalism. He mentioned that Narad Muni was not just a journalist but also a planetary communicator. He emphasized that this could be an interesting research area for students and scholars. He also stated that Narad Muni was a spot journalist, meaning that he used to collect information by actually visiting the spot. However, he lamented that in today's time, no journalist wants to visit the spot, quoting that "every journalist is now becoming a 'WhatsApp journalist.'" He explained that journalists are now collecting news via WhatsApp and then sending it again on WhatsApp.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Head of the Department, welcomed all the guests and thanked them for attending despite the busy schedule of elections and university admissions. He mentioned that this name was chosen because journalists are the hope for society. He stressed the need to report both positive and negative news.

Following him, Anand Sharma, a senior journalist, spoke to the students. He thanked the University and department for the opportunity and emphasized the importance of understanding what to ask and from whom. He provided an example of ‘TV journalists asking grief-ridden families about their feelings, advising students to practice journalism for society rather than for themselves’. Dr. Ishwar Mittal was also present on this occasion. He gave information about the various activities, works, subjects of Vishwa Samvad Kendra and the registration and various categories of the upcoming Narada Award to be held in Haryana state. He said that this Narada Samman program is going to be organized on a large scale in Panchkula city of Haryana. Everyone should participate in it.
Sushil Sharma, a senior journalist also shared how the department was established and said that it is an example of solution journalism. He mentioned that Mahendragarh and CUH have always been the epitome of positive journalism. He also highlighted the importance of vocabulary and stressed that journalists should keep everyone in mind while writing news. After Sushil Sharma, Pradeep Kumar interacted with the students. He stressed that ethics is one of the most important aspects of journalism and should not be neglected by journalists.

The seminar was managed and hosted by Dr. Neeraj Karan Singh, who enlightened the students about Narad Muni and how he was the first communicator in the world. On this occasion, all faculty members and students were present.