News from with best compliments from M.M.Khanna, Director
*Dr. Ajay Sharma- Principal of the college shared his key insights on suicide awareness and congratulated the efforts of Dr. Tarundeep Kaur- The convener and Dr. Sheeba Bedi- The organizer of the event.
Education Sector #144253 - 23-Sep-2023 04:19 PM
7 Days Special NSS Camp of GCE20 Concluding today
*The 7 Days Special-NSS Camp was carried out successfully and concluding today at Government College of Education, Sector 20D, Chandigarh by acheiving its goals.
Education Sector #144252 - 23-Sep-2023 04:07 PM
LPU trained retail outlet dealers of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
* Occasion was management development program: ‘Utkarsh – Learn and Grow’
Education Sector #144225 - 22-Sep-2023 05:02 PM
The Government of Rajasthan, USAID, and Room to Read Promote Early Grade Reading in Rajasthan
*The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Room to Read India partnered with the Rajasthan State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) to publish 27 children’s storybooks, which will promote reading skills and reading habits among children.
Education Sector #144213 - 22-Sep-2023 02:55 PM
Orchids The International School Hosts Terracotta Ganpati Making Workshop for Students and Parents
*The School Chain aims to create eco-consciousness and promote eco friendly practices
Education Sector #144209 - 22-Sep-2023 02:12 PM
MCM celebrates 'International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer'
*Principal of the college, Dr. Nisha Bhargava expressed appreciation for the efforts of Eco-Club and Swachhta Committee (Sciences) to raise awareness about the problem of depletion of the ozone layer.
Education Sector #144176 - 21-Sep-2023 02:37 PM
The Department of Computer Applications of the Post Graduate Government College, Sector-46, organized a Video making competition on the topic "I Love My College "and a campaign programme on 'Cyber Crime Awareness'.
*Principal of the college Dr. Abha Sudarshan congratulated the students and also appreciated this endeavour of Dr. Uma Narang, Head, Department of Computer Applications, Ms. Shefali Aggarwal, Mr. Gaurav Jindal and Ms. Vandana and Mr. Hemant Kumar.
Education Sector #144175 - 21-Sep-2023 01:42 PM
स्कूल के पास मोबाइल टॉवर लगाने के खिलाफ प्रशासक को लिखित शिकायत दी
*वैदिक गर्ल्स सीनियर सेकेंडरी स्कूल, मनीमाजरा के समीप लगा मोबाइल टॉवर खतरे का कारण बना हुआ है। एक दुकान की छत पर जियो और एयरटेल के मोबाइल टॉवर की वजह से स्कूल के बच्चों को शारीरिक कठिनाइयां सहन करनी पड़ रही है। स्कूल प्रिंसिपल ने इस मोबाइल टॉवर की बाबत चण्डीगढ़ के प्रशासक के साथ-साथ निगम तथा इस्टेट ऑफिस में लिखित रूप से करते हुए मांग की है कि इस मोबाइल टॉवर को तुरंत हटाया जाए।
Education Sector #144169 - 21-Sep-2023 01:06 PM
IGNOU extends Fresh Admission & Re-Registration up to 30th September, 2023
*Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has extended the last date for online admission to all Masters, Bachelors, PG Diploma and Diploma programs (except Certificate and Semester Based programmes) and online Re-registration with a late fee of Rs.200/- of all Masters and Bachelors for the session July, 2023 session till 30th September, 2023.
Education Sector #144168 - 21-Sep-2023 12:54 PM
Education Sector #144166 - 21-Sep-2023 12:46 PM
Representatives of University of Melbourne will conduct academic visit of CUH
*The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar said that this delegation of three members will explore possibilities for mutual cooperation on the basis of various educational resources available in the University, which mainly includes the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching.
Education Sector #144162 - 20-Sep-2023 07:40 PM
MP Rajya Sabha & Chancellor of LPU Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal extends heartfelt Birthday Wishes to Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
* The occasion was inaugural parliament session at the new Parliament Building in New Delhi
Education Sector #144152 - 20-Sep-2023 05:54 PM
World Bamboo Day celebrated at MCM DAV College
*Principal of the college, Dr. Nisha Bhargava congratulated the organising team for creating awareness about Kalpvriksha Bamboo and also for acquainting the millennials with its uses.
Education Sector #144135 - 20-Sep-2023 03:38 PM
St. Joseph's organises a successful Blood Donation Camp.
*St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School, in collaboration with the Dept. of Transfusion Medicine, PGIMER, Chandigarh, organised a Blood Donation Camp at the school campus. *The principal, Ms. Monica Chawla, stated that though donating blood takes only a few minutes of one's time, it can make a lifelong difference to someone.
Education Sector #144134 - 20-Sep-2023 03:27 PM
एमसीएम एनएसएस इकाइयों ने संपूर्ण स्वास्थ्य सप्ताह का आयोजन किया
*कॉलेज प्राचार्या डॉ. निशा भार्गव ने इस पहल में सहयोग करने और समग्र कल्याण प्राप्त करने के लिए पौष्टिक आहार और व्यायाम के महत्व के बारे में जागरूकता पैदा करने के लिए एनएसएस और अन्य सभी समितियों के प्रयासों की सराहना की।
Education Sector #144099 - 19-Sep-2023 03:48 PM
होटल प्रंबधन संस्थान में आयोजित किया गया समारोह
*होटल प्रंबधन संस्थान हमीरपुर में ‘मीट और मिंगल (आरंभ) समारोह’ का आयोजन हर्षोल्लास के साथ किया गया। इस समारोह का उद्देश्य संस्थान के नए और वरिष्ठ छात्रों के बीच आपसी संवाद, सहयोग और मेल-मिलाप को बढ़ाना है। इस समारोह में एडीसी हमीरपुर एवं संस्थान के प्रधानाचार्य जितेंद्र सांजटा ने मुख्य अतिथि के रूप में भाग लिया।
Education Sector #144096 - 18-Sep-2023 07:30 PM
*GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh, held a solemn Condolence Meet on September 18, 2023, at the Main Auditorium of the college to pay tribute to the valorous life and ultimate sacrifice of Colonel Manpreet Singh, an alumnus of the institution.
Education Sector #144091 - 18-Sep-2023 06:17 PM
Majma-i-itihaaskar History Club of GGDSD College Hosts 'Itihaas se Rubaru' Induction Ceremony.
*The event commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Madhu Sharma, Vice Principal, GGDSD College. She extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest Dr. Dinesh Kumar.
Education Sector #144086 - 18-Sep-2023 05:46 PM