Chandigarh November 24, 2023-A one-day Universal Human Values-Leadership Development Program (UHV-LDP), jointly organized by the ICSSR & All India Council for Technical Education at the ICSSR, North-Western Regional Centre, Panjab University, Chandigarh, aimed to advance the journey based on the theme, "Need for Universal Human Values for Holistic, Value-based Education". It brought together a wide range of key stakeholders in such as Vice-Chancellors, Fellows, Registrars, Deans, Directors, Chairpersons of Board of Studies, Principals of Affiliated Colleges etc.

Prof. Renu Vig, Vice Chancellor of Panjab University, spearheaded the initiative, recognizing the critical need to incorporate UHV into the academic fabric of the institution.

Highlighting the significance and the need of incorporating UHV into academic systems; Prof. Rajneesh Arora, Chairman National Coordination Committee for Induction Program AICTE, shed light on the content, process, and guidelines for Universal Human Values. He also emphasized on the universal values such as truth, love & compassion which can potentially address some of the pressing challenges of our times such as human-human conflicts and environmental concerns.

The program's objectives were two-fold:

1. To share the vision of Holistic, Value based Education and the crucial role of Universal Human Values.

2. To assist Universities in developing their plan for UHV and HVBE.

Key topics discussed included the need for Human Values in Education which have time & again been reiterated in some of our most venerated documents such as constitution of the country, NEP 2020, AICTE, UGC, and Sustainable Development Goals. The program also delved into the proposal of Universal Human Values, providing an overview of its core content and specific recommendations tailored for universities and their teaching institutions.

This Holistic, Value based Education will prepare the students ready for life and not merely for jobs. With the inclusion of universal human value in higher education, the education system will make learning more student-centric, collaborative & connected with real life, comprehensive and, allowing for creativity to blossom.

AICTE and UGC are both making efforts for holistic education founded on values. NAAC, NBA, and other agencies are also increasingly highlighting the importance of values.

Sh. Rajul Asthana, Vice Chairman National Committee for Universal Human Values AICTE and Dr. Kumar Sambhav, UPID were the Key Resource Persons.

The delegates gathered, departed with a firm resolve to work for making education Holistic & Value based by incorporating Universal Human Values into their academic system & preparing their faculty for taking it forward to the next generation viz. students.

Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, Honorary Director ICSSR was the Chief Coordinator for this program. Prof. Manu Sharma, UIET PU, with support from the team, successfully coordinated the complete program.