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*AS A SUCCEFUL ACTOR AS WELL AS A VLOGGER, SAM PROVED HER ARTISTIC PICULARITIESNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO KANGRA FOCUSING DC KANGRA डाॅ. निपुण जिंदल AND OTHER NEWSभाजपा चंडीगढ़ द्वारा आगामी वर्ष होने वाले लोकसभा चुनाव की तैयारियों को लेकर बूथ सशक्तिकरण बैठक का आयोजन किया गया NEWS FROM PUNJAB STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SH BHAGWANT SINGH MANN C.M.मेडिकल कॉलेज भवन के लिए 49 करोड़ की अतिरिक्त धन राशि जारी– नीरज नैय्यरNEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWAL हरियाणा के राज्यपाल श्री बंडारू दत्तात्रेय वीरवार 29 मार्च को आंध्र प्रदेश के राज्यपाल श्री अब्दुल नजीर से विजयवाड़ा राजभवन में शिष्टाचार मुलाकात करते हुए ।"Sanjha Sufna" Spoiler Alert: Biji reveals the truth about Araj's past3-Day Creative Writing Workshop held at TS. Central State Library:Children Encouraged To Give Wings To Their ImaginationMCC celebrates 'Swachh Kanjan' pujan under SwachhotsavTwo-Days Workshop on "Energy Audit and Green Practices" organised at MRSPTU under Mission Life…NRI Garg inaugurated Arya TT Hall at Maharishi Dayanand Public School Chandigarh.NEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWAL- बीरेंद्र सिंह हताश-निराश, बयानबाजी के बजाय चुनावी अखाड़े में करें दो-दो हाथ - दिग्विजय चौटालाडिप्टी सीएम ने की श्री माता मनसा देवी मंदिर में पूजा-अर्चनाA Delegation of JBT trainees called on Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu here today and apprised him of their various demands. The Chief Minister assured them to consider the demands sympathetically.The Vice-President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, who is also the Chancellor, Panjab University appointed Prof. (Dr.) Renu Cheema Vig, presently the Dean of University Instruction (DUI), as the Vice Chancellor of Panjab University, today.परिवर्तन पदयात्रा आपके द्वार'' बुधवार को 32वें दिन जिला महेंद्रगढ़ के हलका अटेली में पहुंचीसुजानपुर खंड में जन्म लिंगानुपात में हुआ उल्लेखनीय सुधार : डॉ. हरीश गज्जूसहारा से जिला प्रशासन वरिष्ठ नागरिकों को घर द्वार पर देगा स्वास्थ्य सुविधाएंआबकारी विभाग के बेडे में जुड़ी नई गाड़ियां, डिप्टी सीएम दुष्यंत चौटाला ने दिखाई हरी झंडी किशोरियों को बताया मोटे अनाज का महत्व, दैनिक आहार में शामिल करने की अपील5वें राष्ट्रीय पोषण पखवाड़े के अंतर्गत कोठों में जागरूकता शिविर आयोजित पैकेजिंग, लेबलिंग, ब्रांडिंग और विपणन सुधार के लिए एक दिवसीय कार्यशाला आयोजितCM wishes Mukesh Agnihotri a speedy recovery'Falahar Grahan Program' organized at Raj Bhavan
IndusInd Bank announces appointment of Vikas Muttoo as 'COO & Head Member Services' of its 100% subsidiary 'Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd.' (BFIL)
Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Sumant Kathpalia, Managing Director & CEO, IndusInd Bank, said, “We are extremely pleased to have Vikas join back into the fold and we believe his inclusion will bring further strength to the BFIL team. ”
Banking/Insurance Sector #137974 - 25-Mar-2023 12:46 PM
IndusInd Bank goes live on Direct Tax Collection System of CBDT
· IndusInd Bank has been authorized for collection of Direct Taxes Under its Agency Bank Licence · Direct taxes to be collected to include Income tax, advance tax, TDS and all other direct taxes that fall under the purview of CBDT * Mr. Sumant Kathpalia, Managing Director & CEO, IndusInd Bank, said, “We take immense pride in commencing operations as an Agency Bank for the Central Board of Direct Taxes.
Banking/Insurance Sector #137942 - 24-Mar-2023 02:01 PM
RBI Ombudsman and SBI held Awareness Camp on Integrated Ombudsman Scheme-2021 (RB-IOS) and Cyber Frauds
*The programme was mainly addressed by Smt. Narinder Kaur, Assistant General Manager, Reserve Bank and Shri Rajiv Ranjan, Assistant General Manager, State Bank of India. The programme was highly appreciated by the participants.
Banking/Insurance Sector #137569 - 13-Mar-2023 03:32 PM
Union Bank of India launches 'Women Cancer Care Solution - Pink Health' powered by ManipalCigna Health Insurance
Commenting on the launch, Prasun Sikdar, Managing Director and CEO of ManipalCigna Health Insurance Co Ltd said, “At ManipalCigna, our priority is to focus on providing affordable, predictable and simple health insurance products to every customer segment in India and we feel privileged to be associated with a trusted brand like Union Bank of India who shares our vision to provide better" healthcare financing experience to customers through customized solutions and high quality services.
Banking/Insurance Sector #137407 - 08-Mar-2023 01:14 PM
State Bank of India Celebrated International Women's Day
*State Bank of India celebrated International Women’s Day at Local Head Office with the theme“Empowering Women , Transforming Lives” and invited two inspiring women leaders Dr. Jayanti Datta from Panjab University & Ms. Eram Rizvi from Chandigarh Police as Chief Guests for the Programme.
Banking/Insurance Sector #137383 - 07-Mar-2023 04:50 PM
*पंजाब एंड सिंध बैंक व सिटको के कर्मचारियों के सैलेरी अकाउंट की हुई कोलैबोरेशन, खुलेंगे सैलरी अकॉउंट
*पंजाब एंड सिंध बैंक व सिटको के कर्मचारियों के सैलेरी अकाउंट की हुई कोलैबोरेशन, खुलेंगे सैलरी अकॉउंट,जानकारी देते हुए पंजाब एंड सिंध बैंक के जोनल मैनेजर अशनि कुमार ने बताया कि इस योजना में सिटको के कर्मचारियों को प्राकृतिक मृत्यु के साथ-साथ 40 लाख रुपये के दुर्घटना बीमा का लाभ भी मिलेगा व 120 लाख रुपये के हवाई दुर्घटना बीमा कवर के साथ-साथ अधिकतम 24 लाख रुपये का चाइल्ड एजुकेशन के लाभ भी मिलेंगे ।
Banking/Insurance Sector #137016 - 24-Feb-2023 08:47 PM
SBI launched Amrit Kalash Deposit with increased interest rate
Sh. Vinod Jaiswal, Chief General Manager State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Chandigarh in the presence of Senior officials has launched Amrit Kalash Deposit with increased rate to 7.10% to give the benefit to the domestic and NRI Customers. This scheme is for 400 days tenure and valid up to 31st March 2023. Sh. Jaiswal also informed that extra benefit of 0.50% in the rate of interest will be provided to Senior Citizen customers.
Banking/Insurance Sector #136753 - 18-Feb-2023 08:39 PM
Mr. Rajan Pental appointed as Executive Director of YES BANK
Mr. Prashant Kumar, MD & CEO, YES BANK said, “I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Pental on his appointment as Executive Director of the Bank. Mr. Pental has been instrumental in building a robust retail franchise for the Bank which we, as an organisation, are extremely proud of. Given his rich experience within the financial landscape, I am sure he will continue to steer the Bank towards newer growth horizons.”
Banking/Insurance Sector #136334 - 03-Feb-2023 05:13 PM
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Punjab & Sind Bank enter strategic partnership
· Company to offer Protection and Savings life insurance plans to Bank’s customers through its branch network
Banking/Insurance Sector #135541 - 11-Jan-2023 06:52 PM
पंजाब एण्ड सिंध बैंक ने निर्यातकों-आयातकों की बैठक आयोजित की।
*कार्यक्रम का उद्घाटन बैंक के एमडी एवं सीईओ श्री स्वरूप कुमार साहा ने किया। कार्यक्रम में कार्यकारी निदेशक श्री कोल्लेगाल वी राघवेन्द्र, प्रधान कार्यालय में पदस्थ महाप्रबंधकगण तथा दिल्ली, नोएडा और गुरुग्राम के अंचल प्रमुखभी उपस्थित रहे। बैठक में 200 से अधिक ग्राहकों और एनआरआई ने सहभागिता की।
Banking/Insurance Sector #135434 - 08-Jan-2023 09:57 PM
पंजाब एंड सिंध बैंक ने नगर निगम चंडीगढ़ के दो सैलरी खाताधारकों को उनकी प्राकृतिक मृत्यु पर उनके परिवारों को ढाई /ढाई लाख का मुआवजा दिया
*राष्ट्र के बैंकिंग इतिहास में अपनी तरह का पहला संवितरण - प्राकृतिक कारणों से मृत्यु के लिए बीमा राशि का भुगतान, लाभार्थी द्वारा प्रीमियम का भुगतान किए बिना भुगतान ,पंजाब एंड सिंध बैंक के सौजन्य से
Banking/Insurance Sector #135174 - 30-Dec-2022 07:18 PM
*PRESIDENT OF SBI LADIES CLUB SMT. ANITA KHARA during her visit to Amritsar donated educational infrastructure of 100 school desks for students, 25 cieling fans for school rooms, water coolers, and Commercial RO Drinking Water Purification System for use by students of the Sri Guru Arjan Dev Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Taran Taran, Punjab, on 19-12-2022.
Banking/Insurance Sector #134842 - 20-Dec-2022 04:33 PM
*SBI Chairman Shri Dinesh Khara during his visit to Amritsar carried forward the Bank's CSR Programme and visited the Attari Border to spend time with our Seema Praharis BSF and bolster the high morale. *Sh. Dinesh Khara also donated an Ambulance for Public Service to Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee at Golden Temple as per Bank's CSR activities dedicated in service to humanity. The SGPC officials expressed thanks for the Bank's CSR contribution.
Banking/Insurance Sector #134821 - 19-Dec-2022 04:59 PM
*PRESIDENT OF SBI LADIES CLUB SMT. ANITA KHARA during her visit to Dharamshala, H.P donated an endowment of RS. 5.00 Lakh as contribution for Nutrition Support programme being run by CORD (Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development) at the Sidhbari, Dharamshala.
Banking/Insurance Sector #134340 - 03-Dec-2022 04:10 PM
Sh D.K Kathpalia retired as Asstt General Manager, SBI after putting 40 year service.
*Sh Kathpalia joined SBI as Probationary Officer and served as Regional Manager and AGM (Public Relations & Community Services Banking) of the Chandigarh Circle of the Bank.
Banking/Insurance Sector #134265 - 30-Nov-2022 06:08 PM
*The meeting was inaugurated by Shri Vinod Jaiswal, CGM Chandigarh Circle. The meeting was attended by General Managers Shri Sumit Phakka and Shri Sujit Kumar. Builders from Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur and Tricity participated in the Builders meet.
Banking/Insurance Sector #133933 - 18-Nov-2022 07:24 PM
State Bank of India celebrated Vigilance Awareness Week by organizing Walkathon in Chandigarh on 05.11.2022 by staff members led by Chief General Manager Sh. Vinod Jaiswal
*The theme of “Corruption Free India is Developed India” was brought out by the SBI staff Walkathon campaign.
Banking/Insurance Sector #133576 - 05-Nov-2022 06:40 PM
SBI donates 10 EVs under the "Go Green" initiative to AIIMS, New Delhi
*Speaking on the occasion Shri Dinesh Khara, reiterated the Bank’s commitment towards sustainable environment and also emphasized the country’s commitment towards achieving a carbon neutral status by 2070.
Banking/Insurance Sector #133551 - 04-Nov-2022 07:20 PM
SBI introduces Automated Cash Deposit Machine in Mobile Van
*Shri Vinod Jaiswal, Chief General Manager, SBI LHO Chandigarh flagged off the ADWM Mobile Van, after inaugurating the service in the presence of Network General Managers, Shri Sujit Kumar, Shri Sumit Phakka, Shri Ajay K Jha, DGM (B&O) Panchkula Shri Manoj Kumar and DGM (Anytime Channels) Shri Shailesh Gupta.
Banking/Insurance Sector #132613 - 24-Oct-2022 05:00 PM
SBI celebrated Joy of Giving Daan Utsav
Chief general Manager Sh. Vinod Jaiswal shared his views about helping fellow human beings and motivated all present to engage in humanitarian help. He said that to help the needy is a genuine social cause in which we should all contribute.
Banking/Insurance Sector #132843 - 12-Oct-2022 04:08 PM
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