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NEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWALNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPROS HAMIRPUR AND SPLAN H.P.NEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO CHAMBA FOCUSING DC CHAMBA SH.DC RANA AND OTHER NEWS'Nari Samman Yojana' to be implemented in a phased mannerगुरमति संगीत की 8वीं बैठक में प्रताप बंधुओं द्वारा द्वारा गुरमत गायन की प्रस्तुतिChief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu releasing the new year Calendar-2023 of the Forest Department at Shimla today.Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu releasing the manual of the Himachal Pradesh Law Department.Governor interacts with NRI students*MCC honours its employees on Republic Day*/ Tableau of Republic Day of MCCSh. Dharam Pal,Adviser to the Administrator, flagging off the Cyclothon from Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh.Republic Day celebrated at PUThe Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacted with students, their parents and teachers in the programme 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' on January 27, 2023 at Talkatora Stadium, Delhi and in virtual mode the entire nation was connected with this unique interaction program.MRS- PTU celebrates Republic Day wih enthusiasm and patriotic fervor...Governor releases Narendra Modi's book 'Exam Warriors'मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर लाल खट्टर गन्ने की कीमतों में मात्र 10 रूपये की वृद्धि करके वाहवाही लूटने का प्रयास कर रहे हैंAre Avni and Amber getting closer?Chief Minister condoles demise of Punjab MP:Attended Antim Ardaasसांसद ने लिया केंद्र सरकार प्रायोजित विभिन्न विकास योजनाओं के कार्यान्वयन एवं प्रगति का जायजारौनक फॉउंडेशन की और से संजय टंडन ने जरूरतमंदो को कम्बल बांटे प्राथमिक स्वास्थ्य केंद्र में आने वाले लोगों को मिलनी चाहिए बेहतर स्वास्थ्य सेवाएं--पीएचसी में साफ-सफाई का हो विशेष ध्यान--समय पर होती रहे भवन की रिपेयर आदि का कार्य :-महामहिम राज्यपाल बंडारू दत्तात्रेयCHANDIGARH POLICE BRIEF OF CASES DATED 27.01.2023Harare Hindus plan wide-ranging activities during 2023गुणात्मक शिक्षा ही तैयार करती है मजबूत राष्ट्र की नींव : इंद्र दत्त लखनपालबच्चों को शिक्षा के साथ संस्कार बहुत जरूरी : सुनील शर्माNEWS RECEIVED FROM DPRO KANGRA FOCUSING DC KANGRA DR.NIPUN JINDAL AND OTHER EVENTSआवास योजना शहरी के तहत 400 घर बन कर तैयार: ओंकार नेहरिया/ धर्मशाला में 31 जनवरी को हाने वाली गाड़ियों की पासिंग स्थगित
Ek Sham - Kavita aur Shayari ke naam:CLS Celebrates Hindi Poetry
*CLS Chairperson Dr. Sumita Misra moved a step ahead to provide this opportunity to the CLS members to recite their Hindi poetry. Dr Sumita Misra in her opening remarks said that Hindi poetry is very close to her heart and the amount of Hindi literature that is emerging from this region is amazing.
Creative Artistic Activities #135653 - 14-Jan-2023 06:22 PM
आईसीसीआर और प्राचीन कला केंद्र के सहयोग से पंजाबी लोक गीतों और लोक नृत्यों की एक रंगीन शाम का आयोजन किया
*आईसीसीआर की हॉरिजोन सीरीज के तहत इस संगीत संध्या का आयोजन किया
Creative Artistic Activities #135321 - 04-Jan-2023 08:12 PM
Curtains godown on 10th edition of Literati - Travel, Mythology, and Lost Heritage dominate the discussions
*Bollywood actor Divya Dutta, author of two books, the latest being “Stars in My Sky: in conversation with media consultant Saguna Jain shared her Bollywood journey and especially talked about all those stars who are featured in this book, and how they helped her in her journey in this highly competitive industry. *Dr Sumita Misra, an accomplished poet interacted with his fellow writer from Lucknow, a behaviorial scientist, author, poet, quiz master, Chander Shekhar Verma who both explored their journey into the field of writing and explored the nuances of writing in the session on ‘Dil Ki Kalam Se’.
Creative Artistic Activities #134802 - 18-Dec-2022 05:26 PM
Chandigarh Lit Fest, Literati 2022, begins
*Shri Gian Chand Gupta, Speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha, formally declared open the 10th edition of Literati 2022, with an evening of humour, wit, and satire.Shri Gupta greeted participating poets and complimented CLS for organising this event. *Dr Sumita Misra, IAS, CLS Chairperson and the Festival Director said that CLS had been bringing in some of the leading authors, writers and poets of English, Hindi and Panjabi, year after year at Literati providing a platform for the aspiring authors to get inspired.
Creative Artistic Activities #134744 - 16-Dec-2022 07:17 PM
Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker to inaugurate Literati tomorrow
*Shri Gian Chand Gupta, Speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha, shall inaugurate the 10th edition of Literati, the Chandigarh Literary Festival, tomorrow at the Indradhanush Auditorium, Panchkula with Hasya Kavi Sammelan informed festival director and chairperson of Chandigarh Literary Society, Dr Sumita Misra, IAS.
Creative Artistic Activities #134707 - 15-Dec-2022 05:33 PM
हरियाणा के कृषि एवं किसान कल्याण मंत्री श्री जे.पी. दलाल को कृषि एवं किसान कल्याण विभाग की अतिरिक्त मुख्य सचिव डॉ सुमिता मिश्रा द्वारा स्वयं लिखित 'लम्हों की शबनम' पुस्तक भेंट करती हुई।
*हरियाणा के कृषि एवं किसान कल्याण मंत्री श्री जे.पी. दलाल को कृषि एवं किसान कल्याण विभाग की अतिरिक्त मुख्य सचिव डॉ सुमिता मिश्रा द्वारा स्वयं लिखित ‘लम्हों की शबनम’ पुस्तक भेंट करती हुई।
Creative Artistic Activities #134290 - 01-Dec-2022 05:20 PM
Get Set Parent's Children's Literature, Art & Music Festival returns with the 3rd Edition and promises more fun-filled & exciting performances and interactions
~GSP sets the stage for the best of talent in the heart of India, Bhopal, in association with Vishwarang~
Creative Artistic Activities #133757 - 12-Nov-2022 12:25 PM
Get Set Parent's Children's Literature, Art & Music Festival returns with the 3rd Edition and promises more fun-filled & exciting performances and interactions
~GSP sets the stage for the best of talent in the heart of India, Bhopal, in association with Vishwarang~
Creative Artistic Activities #133662 - 08-Nov-2022 09:46 PM
अभिव्यक्ति की गोष्ठी में साहित्य की बयार बही
*अन्नुरानी और अनुभूति की मेज़बानी में अभिव्यक्ति की गोष्ठी सीबीएलयूपीएससी एकेडमी में विजय कपूर के संयोजन और संचालन में सफलतापूर्वक आयोजित हुई।
Creative Artistic Activities #132682 - 08-Oct-2022 07:13 AM
Art Exhibition showcasing paintings by children concludes
*On this occasion, Ravneet Singh Khurana, an IRS officer & special secretary to the government of Punjab graced the event as Chief Guest.
Creative Artistic Activities #129219 - 10-Jul-2022 05:46 PM
Actress Nikita Rawal, Aashtha Rawal & Satyamvada Singh inaugurates Artist Inderjeet Grover Art Exibition Journey
*Bollywood Actress Nikita Rawal & Aashtha Rawal inaugurates Art Exibition. Others guest who were present at event Mr. Rajiv Kasat (Renowned Architect) Actress Satyamvada Singh Mahendra Kalantri (CEO Acclaim Systems India Ltd.).
Creative Artistic Activities #128615 - 23-Jun-2022 06:34 PM
Famous playwright Balkar Sidhu's Punjabi book - Sassi Punnu's English version unveiled with unique Art-Lit Adaptation
*The distinguished dignitaries who unveiled the book based on the play 'Sassi Punnu' written by Balkar Sidhu on the sidelines of the art-lit showcase were Padma Shri Dr Surjit Patar, renowned Punjabi poet and writer, and Padma Shri Dr Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry, a prolific theatre director.
Creative Artistic Activities #127408 - 18-Jun-2022 04:54 PM
Kamal entertainment celebrated the success Party of Love in Ukraine and Announced New Film Keemat, party hosted by Vivek films production house
*Love in Ukraine Success Party was organized in Mumbai last night. Actor Vipin Kaushik attracted the most attention of the people, As he reached this party in Doli.
Creative Artistic Activities #127404 - 18-Jun-2022 02:08 PM
सिल्वर लाइनिंग - 2005 से जारी है यूनाइटेड सिख मिशन के रशपाल सिंह के फ्री आई कैम्पस का सफर , डॉक्यूमेंट्री हुई रिलीज
*फिल्म का निर्देशन पुरस्कार विजेता फिल्म निर्माता ओजस्वी शर्मा ने किया है।
Creative Artistic Activities #127323 - 15-Jun-2022 10:51 PM
'Suvyan 2022' held: Final design collection of NIIFT textile design students showcased
*The Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology(NIIFT), Mohali presented the 20th Edition of 'Suvyan' - a display exhibition to showcase the final design collection of the graduating students of Textile design department at Hotel Shivalik View, Chandigarh.
Creative Artistic Activities #127025 - 07-Jun-2022 09:48 PM
मुंबई इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल में सराही गयी एडमिटेड -ओजस्वी
*मौका था पंजाबी यूनिवर्सिटी के पहले ट्रांसजेंडर पर बनी डॉक्यूमेंट्री की स्क्रीनिंग का
Creative Artistic Activities #126824 - 02-Jun-2022 10:50 PM
मुंबई अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म फेस्टिवल में पंजाब यूनिवर्सिटी के ट्रांसजेंडर पर बनी पहली फिल्म एडमिटेड का प्रदर्शन आज
*एडमिटेड का अवार्ड के लिये यह15 वां आधिकारिक चयन व 5 वां अवार्ड है
Creative Artistic Activities #126769 - 01-Jun-2022 06:20 PM
इप्सिता को देखकर हैरान रह गए सिंगर मलकीत सिंह
*पूछा-इतनी छोटी हो, कैसे करती हो शो होस्ट
Creative Artistic Activities #125696 - 04-May-2022 04:04 PM
बहुआयामी संगीतमयी प्रस्तुति एवं कला जगत की दिग्गज हस्तियों के सम्मान से भास्कर राव संगीत सम्मेलन का भव्य आगाज
*आज इस कार्यक्रम के पहले दिन पंजाब के राज्यपाल एवं प्रशासक, चंडीगढ़ प्रशासन श्री बनवारी लाल पुरोहित जी ने बतौर मुख्य अतिथि शिरकत की और इस महा सम्मलेन का उद्घाटन किया। इसके पश्चात माननीय राज्यपाल ने पारम्परिक द्वीप प्रज्वलन रसम अदा की। और कला जगत की कुछ प्रसिद्ध हस्तियों को सम्मानित भी किया । इनमें तालयोगी पंडित सुरेश तलवलकर, श्री सिद्धार्थ एवं श्रीमती अंजना राजन को सम्मानित किया गया ।
Creative Artistic Activities #124128 - 21-Mar-2022 08:46 PM
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