BANGLORE,17.03.20-Women Empowerment does not happen by seeking it, it happens when you take steps to empower yourself. Roshni Boutique is a name that is recognized worldwide today, but the scenario was different 13 years back. Started in Bellary, Karnataka in a small room, Roshni Tulsian (CEO) had a dream, a passion to be self-dependent, self-sufficient, to follow her passion and to live her life on her own terms. Being a housewife and a mother of two kids, it was difficult starting off with the business, but when you seek success you can’t count the roadblocks.

Growing her business with utmost sincerity, she was able to pull up an amazing customer base in Bellary, women loved to shop from Roshni Boutique. But soon a new opportunity knocked at her steps, and she shifted to Bangalore. A journey that had started in a room was now making space in the metro city. She just loved serving her customers. She loved it when ladies flaunted trying new dresses, and accepted the way they looked.

Soon she was designing for models and fashion shows. Ms. Roshni Musaddi has been the official designer for Mrs. India Karnataka for three consecutive years and has also been a part of major fashion shows like Moms of Bangalore, Kids of Bangalore to name a few.

Roshni Boutique has an annual CSR programme which has been touching hearts of millions. Every year on the Christmas Eve , the team reaches to people in need , and try to make the occasion special for them, by fulfilling their wishes and spending time with them.

As every business has their own ups and downs, Roshni Boutique also had its share. With the overwhelming response that they received from Bangalore, Roshni Boutique had their first retail outlet in Bangalore, which was running smoothly initially, but it was shut down in 2019.

The setback was huge. The business was on a stillness. That is when Roshni Tulsian (CEO), thought that it is time for trying out new ways of reaching your customer. She used the digital platform to showcase her products, and she started making videos on Facebook, displaying her products and details of how consumers could get it. As we say, if you want something with all your heart, you get it with all you deserve, and her video was welcomed by ladies all over the world. People not only from India but USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany to name a few, wanted to be a part of Roshni Boutique. The growth rate of the firm is tremendous, but still the main objective of Roshni Boutique is to serve their customers the best they can and to empower as many women they can. They have come up with the Franchise Model that only involves women engagement, and the whole firm is a women run enterprise.

“If you believe it can happen, just be committed to it, and it will surely happen”- Roshni Tulsian