CHANDIGARH, 28 November 2022:An iconic face on Indian television for over two decades, Urvashi Dholakia isn’t the one to mince words or worry about society’s perception. She’s fiercely independent, unapologetic, and unabashedly herself. Aptly named I Am Enough, Urvashi Dholakia’s community on coto, a social community app exclusively for women is all about embracing self-love, learning to be content with yourself and knowing, you’re all you need.
In one of her recent posts captioned, “If I can be the reason for my own happiness, so can you”, Urvashi upholds her own life mantra of being the architect of her destiny. And it is this belief that mirrors all that coto stands for – a safe online space where women can be themselves, have meaningful conversations, ask questions and seek answers!
Here’s some of the content that Urvashi has shared in her coto community:

“Women have been judged and trolled for whatever they do that doesn’t fit the norm. I have always been outspoken without worrying about what people have to say and I am glad I can just be myself on coto. My community ‘I Am Enough’ will have everything - truth bombs, facts, my own life experiences & learnings. And if I can touch/help even 10 women who are a part of my community and learn from them as well, that would make me very happy.”
-Urvashi on her community 'I am Enough' on coto
Here’s how you can join Urvashi’s I Am Enough community on coto!