Chandigarh, February 24: Despite number of efforts and challans prevalence of polythene bag in Chandigarh has become a source of worry to every discerning mind. To promote greater awareness and discourage polythene bags use among the public, Department of Environment and Yuvsatta-an NGO are organizing street plays during the Rose Fest, in which artists of Mask Theatre in very innovative and interesting ways involve the audience to say ‘NO’ to usage of polythene bags.

Volunteers of Yuvsatta are also distributing cotton bags and also biodegradable polythene bags to make people aware of the available alternatives for mindfully doing shopping.

Sharing his views Santosh Kumar, Director, Department of Environment said that polythene bags not only pollute our land and water, choke the drainage system but also are harmful to wildlife and pose danger for human health. He also added that Polythene bags are costly to pay for and to clean up after. There are better alternatives available, which can also provide gainful employment to many marginalized segments of our society!