Our body is made of five elements (PANCH MAHA BHOOTAS) namely, air, earth, water, fire, ether. The body is healthy when all these are in perfect balance. Any deviation in their proportions leads to diseases. Mudras help us maintain the required balance.
Vayu Mudra a hand gesture. It is practiced to release excessive air from the body. This provides relief from the symptoms related to aggravations of air element in the body like excessive gas, bloating , arthritis, gout and other pains.
It is the easiest mudra to perform. It includes the movement of almost all the fingers, but main focus remains on INDEX finger and THUMB. Daily practice for 15-20 minutes will provide the desired results.
Sit in any comfortable meditation posture. Close the eyes and relax the whole body . Proceed with deep breathing . It will stimulate PRANA Vayu flow in the body.
Begin with the palms facing upward.
Fold the index finger in such a way that it touches the base of the thumb. Now press the index finger with thumb. Extend rest of the fingers as much as possible. Initially it may appear difficult to hold the index finger in this position , but with a little practice one can gain perfection.
Place both the hands on your thighs.
Maintain the steady calm breathing with chanting of OM to add spiritual awareness to it.
NOTE In Gyan mudra, the index finger touches the tip of the thumb whereas in this mudra it touches the base of the thumb.
Keep your back, neck and head straight.
Do not over bend index finger.
Do not apply great pressure of thumb on the index finger.
1. Stimulates endocrine glands by directing the flow of subtle energy towards brain which induces a response of reflexes thereby activating the head of glands called hypothalamus. Which helps in stimulating endocrine system. As such it cures improper growth,disturbed metabolism , maleness in females and femaleness in males which are caused due to disorders of endocrine system.
2. Overcomes gastric problems. It removes Vaat Dosha thereby controlling flatulence, indigestion and acid reflux etc.
3. Reduces Parkinson disease symptoms. The practice of Vayu mudra helps in recovering the damaged cell and removing the dead nerve cells responsible for producing dopamine , the deficiency of which is the cause for this disease.
4. Builds Immunity. It induces energetic wave thereby enhancing immunity.
5. Provides relief from stress and sorrow and helps in recovering peace of mind.
6. It also helps in losing extra weight.

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