CHANDIGARH, 24.04.22-At a function organized by the Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS), Playwrite, and JP Atray Memorial Cricket Tournament organizers, the legendary cricketer Gundupa Vishwanath’s autobiography, Wrist Assured, was released here today.

He shared his life’s journey and the highlights in conversation with two brilliant cricket lovers Vivek Atray, ex-IAS, author, and TEDx speaker, and the country’s leading heart specialist Dr H.K. Bali.

Wrist Assured, coauthored by R Kaushik, a sports journalist, traces the cricketing journey of wristy genius G.R. Vishwanath from the dusty by-lanes of erstwhile Bangalore to the most iconic venues in the world. It gives deep insights into the mind of a champion, and of the trials and tribulations of an international career that saw both despair and delight in his very first Test.

This is a fascinating story of how a shy, and slim boy is thrust into international cricket stardom, through sheer dedication and fair play.
Vishwanath followed up a first-innings duck with 137 in the second against Australia in Kanpur in 1969. The same crowd that had hurled matkas on his way back in the first innings rose as one to celebrate his century, providing him his first important lesson—nothing succeeds like success.

His solid middle-class upbringing instilled in Vishwanath a clear sense of right and wrong which he harnessed throughout his 91-Test career. Wrist Assured provides a ringside view of what made Vishwanath tick and why he is one of the most adored and respected cricketers to have graced the cricketing stage.