NEW DELHI, 13.08.22-The much-awaited I-Day long weekend is just round the corner and is only looking particularly exciting with weather being so perfect! It absolutely makes sense to jump into the car and head out to try unique and offbeat experiences that you will talk about for many weekends!!

Far away from the Blinding lights of the city, discover yourself tasting Floating Feni in Goa, staying in Geodesic Domes tents in Manali and experiencing the Tatto Tribal Trails in Nagaland amongst a few other places you can visit to rejeunivate and touch base with yourself

This is your cue to take the undiscovered route, interact with the locals, and immerse yourself in nature! Discover the beautiful landscapes of Nagaland on foot, and explore the tattoo culture of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh! plus a lot more.

Harsha Parbat, CEO and Richa Patil,CMO, AllFive bring to you 5 Unique and OffBeat experiences for you to try this I-Day Long weekend with your friends and family!

* Floating Feni Experience - Goa

Goa is a treasure trove when it comes to experiences. Relax and focus your attention to one such offbeat and offbeat experience i.e. Feni tasting with a meal right in the middle of the water

*Experience a stay in Geodesic Domes tents- Manali valley

Manali is a gift from the Heavens for the weekenders. Ditch the hotels and experience glamping in the authentic feel of a rustic Mud home with breathtaking views of Manali valley with a hot cuppa!

*Wellness Walking Retreat - Arunachal Pradesh

Whether you're looking for a quick solo escape you can find comfort, serenity, and natural environment for a wellness retreat at Wellness Walking Retreat in Arunachal Pradesh. These retreats have the keys to helping you rediscover your spark mentally and physically, clear your head, and recenter yourself.

*Tribal Tattoo Trail - Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland

Explore the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh which are well known for their unique style of tattooing different parts of the body, serves for personal decoration, and social taboos were there behind tattooing

*Nagaland on foot -Discover Nagaland on foot

Get on spectacular landscapes and tribal villages abound in India’s remote and contiguous north-eastern state.