Vizag ( Andhra Pradesh)-08.05.21- Pema Wellness at BayPark is perched atop the Healing Hills in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. Set in a sprawling 23 acres of land over a hill top with panoramic sea view from all sides, the resort exudes the aura of wellness and well being across the vicinity.

Embracing a naturopathic vision Pema is driven by the rhythm and flow of nature to revive the synergy between Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental expressions within. A bespoke program customized to suit the respective goals of each guest, our therapeutic nutrition, daily guided meditation, yoga and healing practices come together to create a holistic experience of wellbeing with naturopathy at the core. Fostering an environment promoting a healthy lifestyle with sustainability thereafter, every aspect translates into an exquisite experience.

Embark on a path of self-correction, transformation and be one with nature again in the backdrop of pristine clear waters and nurturing natural environs at the resort. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets, along with fresh and soothing sea breeze form the perfect destination for a healing and rejuvenating experience. The Resort fosters a symbiotic ambience of minimalism interspersed with exquisitely crafted artifacts collected from all over the world. The hand finished walls and flooring embody the labor of love of more than 300 skilled people.

The healing journey begins with our expert team dedicated to serving an uncompromised wellness experience for every guest. Beginning with diagnostics and consultations first with our naturopathic doctors and then with our Yoga therapists, a specially crafted diet and treatment program is custom designed for every guest’s holistic healing.

Our naturopathic doctors seek the best fit for each guest with tailor-made therapy programs. With over 80 standardized naturopathic treatments, our experienced team artfully creates the winning combination that actively engages the guest in his or her health. Achieve detoxification of the body, revitalization of the mind and healing of the soul in the serene and sublime environs of the Healing Hub.

As tasty as it is nutritious, the food at Pema enables indulgence that is guilt-free and satisfies the palate. It heals, detoxifies and leaves one feeling content from within. Behind the well crafted offerings is years of research into the nutritional value, healing properties and calorie composition of various super foods and herbs.

A journey towards wellness must be a continuous one. When your stay with us comes to a close, it must not be seen as the culmination of the journey towards a healthier and healed you. The journey has only just begun. We ensure the sustained cultivation of a healthy lifestyle that remains long after one leaves our abode. Our prescribed diet and treatment plan at the end of the retreat ensures the healing touch never fades and continues to blossom.

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