New Delhi, 23rd April 2023: Jio users have consumed 10 exabyte or 10 billion GB data in a month. This number is a giant leap in consumption pattern. Sample this. In 2016, when Jio had entered the telecom market, the consumption of India was 4.6 exabyte and that too in a whole year! This is the first instance when the usage of a single telecom company, in a month has crossed 10 exabyte. In the quarter ending in March 2023, the total consumption of data was 30.3 exabyte. Reliance Industries has shared this information along with its quarterly results.

Jio True 5G has played a crucial role in the increase in consumption of data. An average user is consuming 23.1 GB data every month. Merely 2 years ago, this figure was 13.3 GB. So, in just 2 years, the average user is consuming 10GB more data in a month. Interestingly, the consumption average in higher on Jio network, compared to its rivals in the industry.