New Delhi-16.03.23-: The Lucknow-based Women's Premier League Franchisee UP Warriorz team debuted in the Women's Premier League (WPL) this year and French Essence added another feather in its cap by being an integral part of the team as Fragrance Partner.

At French Essence, we are delighted to be part of the UP Warriorz team as a Fragrance Partner in their journey towards their success. We believe that our Real French perfumes and deodorants can truly bring out the best in their performances and make them stand out said Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Founder & Director, French Essence.

Further Dr. Nidhi quipped, Cricket is an integral part of India's culture and heritage. It has been a source of joy, entertainment and national pride for decades. By launching Women's Premier League (WPL), Women's cricket is set to take a massive leap forward and is expected to provide a platform for female cricketers to showcase their talent and compete at the highest level. This will help in developing a culture where female cricketers can reach their full potential and inspire more young girls to take up cricket as a sport.

Indeed we at French Essence are grateful for being an integral part of this journey with WPL's UP Warriorz Team, Dr. Nidhi concluded.