Chandigarh February 23, 2024-Cleanliness is a mindset - a positive habit that keeps the body, mind, and environment happy, healthy, simple, neat and delightful, believing in the same NSS Panjab University in collaboration with University institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Panjab University, Chandigarh organized a Cleanliness drive in the premises of UIPS department.

The event was organised on behalf of Dr. Vandita Kakkar (Programme officer NSS) in supervision of Dr. Parveen Goyal (Coordinator NSS PU), the Guest of honour for the event was Dr. Rajat Sandhir, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Member Syndicate, Panjab University other guests included Dr. Anil Kumar, Chairperson, UIPS.

The event began at 11:00 am with the address of the programme officer Dr. Vandita Kakkar where she expressed her gratitude to all the guests for taking out time for their busy schedules to boost up the morale of the volunteers, she emphasized on the very concept of selfless service to the nation and the motto of NSS 'NOT ME BUT YOU'

Her address was followed by the address of Guest of Honour, Dr. Rajat Sandhir, his address was based on a note of nostalgia, where he recalled his moments as a NSS volunteer, he was delighted by the very fact through the medium of NSS Panjab University, he will be able to contribute to the welfare of the nation in general, in a more profound manner than he did in his own days, he made the volunteers aware of the various new schemes launched by the Government of India to upscale the social welfare activities of NSS in form of additional funds and formal recognition.

Dr. Anil Kumar, Chairperson UIPS, was delighted by the very fact that his students were so much involved in such social welfare activities, highlighting the significance of cleanliness in our day to day lives, he went on to bless the volunteers for their forthcoming programmes.

The backbone of NSS Panjab University, Coordinator, Dr. Parveen Goyal sir expressed his happiness upon the level of enthusiasm he witnessed in the volunteers of the event, he congratulated Dr. Vandita for successful organisation of such a large scale and well organised event.

The organizers, the guests and all the NSS volunteers came together at the end, with brooms and gloves in their hands, to cleanse the premises of the Temple of Knowledge, with their own hands.

The highlight of the event was the presence of a fully automated in-house developed leaf collector machine, which was operated by the guests themselves.