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Most Enchanting,International Model, Speaker, Aspiring Actress and International and National Beauty Pageant Winner @MrsUniverseArabAsia ANUPAMA SHARMA Alluring Retreats Await You in JAMAICAHimachal Pradesh aka Devbhoomi is the most divine and heavenly beautiful place not only in India but across the globe.overnor Punjab and Administrator, UT, Chandigarh Sh. V. P. Singh Badnore with Sh. Manoj Parida, IAS, Adviser to the Administrator, UT, Chandigarh reviewing the arrangements regarding COVID-19 in the city at Punjab Raj Bhawan Chandigarh Another Milestone for PGIMER Padma Shri Prof. Digambar Behera has been invited for the prestigious AIIMS Silver Jubliee Oration AT NEW DELHI scheduled tomorrow at 11 am.मंडी जिला में 'गांधी दर्शन एवं नशा मुक्ति व स्वच्छता' थीम पर होंगे विशेष कार्यक्रमDEVELOPMENT/ACADEMIC/SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ORGANIZED AT P.U.CHANDIGARH UNDER THE DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP ANS ABLE GUIDANCE OF PROF.RAJ KUMAR V.C. P.U.Sakshi Aggarwal Shines as a Successful ModelDEVELOPMENT/ACADEMIC/SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ORGANIZED AT P.U.CHANDIGARH UNDER THE DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP ANS ABLE GUIDANCE OF PROF.RAJ KUMAR V.C. P.U.Upset Hindus urge IKEA to apologize & withdraw campaign video trivializing yogaMadhulika Vatsal presenting for you all some very amazing, delicious,yet very simple and easy recipes win a lot of praise and make you feel overjoyed and proud .MCM Electoral Literacy Club holds Poster CompetitionYOGA FOR HEALTH- MERUDANDASANA ( Spinal Column Pose)CHANDIGARH POLICE BRIEF AND OTHER POLICE NEWS DATED 24.09.2020SAM RATTAN MOST BEAUTIFUL, CHARMING AND ATTRACTIVE YOUNG GIRL A PROUD FOR CHANDIGARHड्रग माफिया और क्रिकेट का बुखार -कमलेश भारतीय TAT presents Grand Sale 2020 Lucky Draw winners to get over 1 million Baht in PrizesNEWS FROM DISTRICT H.QS HIMACHAL PRADESH ( SOLAN & KANGRA ) बच्चे के पालन-पोषण के लिए प्रथम 1000 दिन महत्वपूर्ण-उपायुक्तNEWS RECEIVED FROM DELHI STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF C.M.SH.ARVIND KEJRIWALभारतीय जनता पार्टी चंडीगढ़ द्वारा भाजपा प्रदेश अध्यक्ष अरुण सूद की अध्यक्षता में बिहार समुदाय को सम्बोधित करते हुए विशेष वर्चुअल कॉन्फ्रेंस रखी गई, जिसमें केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह भाजपा के वरिष्ठ नेता डॉक्टर राजेंद्र प्रसाद गुप्ता ने सभी बिहारी समुदाय के लोगों से आगामी विधानसभा चुनाव से संबंधित विषयों पर विस्तृत चर्चा की।Cheshire Home located in Sector 21, Chandigarh was inspected today by Adviser, Sh. Manoj Parida, Secretary, Social Welfare, Yashpal Garg, Director, Social Welfare, Navjot Kaur, Chief Engineer, UT & Director, Public Relations. This Cricket season, Cornitos launches the #MatchCornJeetega campaignRenowned Ayurveda Proponent: Ayurveda Offers Holistic Solutions Against COVID 19GIANI ZAIL SINGH CAMPUS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, BATHINDA ORGANIZED 5-DAY ONLINE FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM ON "WASTE TECHNOLOGY"NEWS FROM HARYANA STATE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF CM SH MANOHAR LAL
राष्ट्रीय पुरानी पेंशन बहाली संयुक्त मोर्चा की एक ही मांग कि केन्द्र सरकार करे पुरानी पेंशन को पुनः बहाल : स्वदेशी
जिला हमीरपुर के ब्लॉक सुजानपुर में एनपीएस कर्मचारियों द्वारा एक मीटिंग का आयोजन किया गया। इसकी अध्यक्षता राष्ट्रीय सोशल मीडिया प्रभारी राजिन्दर स्वदेशी, राज्य उपाध्यक्ष कुलदीप चन्द, सह-सचिव सुरेंदर पटियाल, जिला प्रधान राजू राम शर्मा एवं राज्य सह संयोजक रीता डोगरा ने की।
Senior Citizens #99095 - 07-Sep-2020 03:21 PM
The Minister, Ministry of social Justice & Empowerment New Delhi - The Governor, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai
Banking needs of senior citizens confined in their homes during COVID 19
Senior Citizens #99013 - 04-Sep-2020 12:10 PM
Cause of Senior Citizens and appeal to all other Concerned Stake holders
Recently Two Senior Citizens have reportedly committed suicide, one by drowning in Sukhna Lake and other fired a bullet on his own from his own ammunition.
Senior Citizens #97831 - 21-Jul-2020 08:08 PM
SIA holds Vedio Interaction on 22nd JUne 2020
On 22nd June 2020 Second Innings Association (SIA) organised a Video interaction which proved as an excellent opportunity for all of us to air our views. In the Interaction IAS Yash Pal Garg Secretary Social Welfare Chandigarh Administration
Senior Citizens #97164 - 23-Jun-2020 06:53 PM
SMS language In Modern Communication @Principal Bhupinder video blogger
'Message from former colleague ' was the cheery display. I felt rather less than happy , it was my sixth message from him today .
Senior Citizens #96687 - 05-Jun-2020 12:31 PM
Senior Citizens #96442 - 29-May-2020 12:53 PM
We are an association of Senior Citizens based in Chandigarh.
Recently our UT of Chandigarh is under Curfew and offices of all Mobile Companies are closed.Even our local Facilities are closed.We the Senior Citizens are not able to make payment of of Mobile Bills by Cheque or cash ,Moreover Senior Citizens are not advised to go out of their residences during CORONA.
Senior Citizens #95609 - 21-Apr-2020 04:58 PM
It is not a matter of comfort but matter of need that too of common residents including Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens #95365 - 10-Apr-2020 08:55 PM
Regarding life of Super Senior Citizens during COVID 19 in UT and requesting list of Single and Couple Senior Citizens
As per estimates there are around 600-700 Senior Citizens who are either staying alone or Couples who are very old with their children. SIA has issued an appeal to all their relatives in tricity to be with them, We have also felt that we should talk ti them and find out their well being regularly during the period lock-down and Curfew.
Senior Citizens #95069 - 29-Mar-2020 07:37 PM
Senior Citizens, especially so the Retirees Pensioners from different departments/ services, are bearing the brunt of economic slowdown.
Senior Citizens, especially so the Retirees Pensioners from different departments/ services, are bearing the brunt of economic slowdown.
Senior Citizens #91642 - 25-Dec-2019 06:34 PM
Senior citizen & renowned petrol pump owner blames Chandigarh Administration for his woes, writes to governor for permission to commit suicide
"G S Chawla addressed a press meet on fuel price anomaly between Chandigarh and Mohali"
Senior Citizens #86577 - 02-Sep-2019 07:12 PM
वरिष्ठ नागरिक बैंकर्स ने पेंशन विसंगतियां दूर करने का आह्वान किया
सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के बैंकों के सेवानिवृत्त अधिकारियों के विभिन्न संघों ने पेंशन विसंगतियों के उनके लंबित मुद्दों और मेडिकल रिइम्बर्समेंट या चिकित्सा प्रतिपूर्ति से संबंधित परेशानी भरी नीतियों की विसंगतियां दूर करने का आह्वान किया।
Senior Citizens #84180 - 14-Jul-2019 09:23 PM
Army Officer's wife venture Buddy Cabs takes off
Senior citizens and specially abled persons and women in tricity have a special ‘Buddy’ at their beck and call to take care of their daily chores, driving around safely and comfortably.
Senior Citizens #83479 - 19-Jun-2019 08:33 PM
आप इण्टरनेशनल ने एसीपी गोविंद शर्मा और एसएचओ अनंत कुमार को बुजुर्ग लोगों का अथक सहयोग करने के लिए एक सम्मान कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया
एक ऐसी दुनिया जहां उम्र का बढ़ना एक बड़ा खतरा होता जा रहा है, आप इण्टरनेशनल, वरिष्ठ नागरिकों को सशक्त करने का एक संगठन, ने हाल ही में कालकाजी थाना के एसीपी श्री गोविंद शर्मा और अमर कालोनी थाने के एसएचओ श्री अनंत कुमार गुंजन को उनकी सेवा का सम्मान करने के लिए 19 मार्च 2019 को एक सम्मान समारोह आयोजन किया
Senior Citizens #81301 - 22-Mar-2019 06:14 PM
आज खेलेगा कुल्लू तभी तो आगे बढ़ेगा कुल्लू थीम को लेकर जिला एथलेटिक्स संघ कुल्लू वह क्लास लर्निंग मोहल के तत्वधान से जिला में खेलों को बढ़ावा देने के लक्ष्य से भागो कुल्लू नाम से क्रॉस कंट्री रेस करवाई गई!
इस रेस में 200 के करीब लड़के वह लड़किओं ने भाग लिया!दौड़ को हरी झंडी अधिवक्ता महेन्द्र ठाकुर वह पंचायत सदस्य सुभाष ठाकुर द्वारा दी गई!
Senior Citizens #78958 - 23-Dec-2018 05:44 PM
SH. B.L.Sharma IAS; Secretary Social Welfare, Union Territory Chandigarh to deliberate on various issues pertaining to the senior Citizens. Officers from various departments attended the meeting.
SIA was represented by its Patron Sh. S.S.Lamba, Sh. R.K.Garg President, Wg.Cdr. G.S.Oberoi, Sh. N.K.Kaushal and Sh. Keshav Garg.
Senior Citizens #78691 - 13-Dec-2018 07:41 PM
Senior Citizens' Association,organized Annual Award Function on Sunday December 9 in Guru Nanak Public School Sector 36, Chandigarh.
Senior Journalist Gobind Thukral, Satpal Jain former M.P. & Addl. Solicitor General, Famous Punjabi Singer Dolly Guleria, Well known Urdu Poet Ashok Bhandari Nadir, Famous Sikh History Researcher Professor Gur Darshan Singh Dhillon & popular Punjabi writer & Poet Bhadur Singh Gosal were given LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS
Senior Citizens #78588 - 10-Dec-2018 08:07 PM
The Sai Event Navigator is organizing 2nd IT CHAMPIONS CRICKET LEAGUE
Tournament is starting from 20th October 2018. Last date entry 1st October 2018.
Senior Citizens #76413 - 22-Sep-2018 06:13 PM
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