Chandigarh,02.07.20-Why women are tortured in a society where we talk of equal rights to women? I support equal rights for women and I stand by the women who were victims of on online harassment.

A unique project came off successfully women empowerment and women security was the key topic of discussion where National co coordinator of the public policy making platform Bharat Niti Mr Gaurav Goel organised a webinar for the protection of women rights and women security and many eminent scholarly women participated in this webinar along with 800 other participants.

The senior lawyer from Supreme Court madam Monika Arora Ji expressed her contention for the cases that have taken place in society where women were left bereft of the equal rights as promised. Monika Arora Ji suggested to the women present there that if they feel there constitutional rights are being snatched away they can go to the women cell are the cyber cell to lodge a complaint against the perpetrator along with the screenshot of of the post or tweet that puts them to disgrace publically. Monika Arora Ji said that women should not be harassed only because they raise their voice against some established norms.

She also said that this country needs enlightened women and the platform of Bharat it must be used for women empowerment and to ensure women security.

In this webinar our main speaker Shri Muralidhar Rao ji National General Secretary BJP also raised concerns about the violation of freedom of expression for women he said that everybody has the right to have his say in a democratic setup and if there is a disagreement it must be sober and decent in tone any malignant comment it should not be taken into consideration. He further said that social media has empowered even a villager so much that he can contribute directly to the democracy of the country and Express his demands and concerns freely.

Later the renowned artists and Padmashree Shrimati Malini Avsthi ji asked for complete empowerment and freedom to the women in this country to strengthen the central fibre of the nation she said that no matter how modern the society grew; still a woman has to think about the subject and the words, she is going to say. They still have not gotten that freedom which is promised to them. The major problem is the communist and the left Brigade that targets each and every woman that stands for her nation for her country and speaks about the interests of the country. She said that if a woman has to be empowered she should listen to her heart and choose what is right.

The famous media personality and BJP spokesperson Shazia Ilmi summed up the discussion by saying that it has to be very well balanced because there are also people who misuse this right and due to them all other women who speak for their right, to speak for the country are disgraced. Shazia Ilmi expressed her viewpoint in a forceful way where she emphasized that women can contribute in the development of the nation as good as men do but they should be given and open platform to perform and to have their say. The exchange of Ideas between Shazia Ilmi and Shefali Vaidya was very informative and inspiring.

Sameer Chaku, Tushaar bhargav, aditya bhargav, vaidai, amandeep, anup and others participated in this event.