Chandigarh,27.01.20- :In the evolutionary process of development, analytical study of history and culture is extremely essential. We learn a lot from the events of the past. Analysis of the past actions leads us to act correctly in the present and plan properly for future advancement. Keeping this fact in view, author Sri V.P. Singh Rao has written the book "Sanskritik Evam Aitihasik Paripreksh Men Charkhi Dadri" (Charkhi Dadri in Cultural and Historical Perspective).
This is one of the best books available on history and culture of a place. The author has dived deep into the basic concepts of 'Sanskriti' (Culture) and 'Itihaas' (history) in the Indian context and has explained the relation between the two.
The history of Charkhi Dadri has been examined and reviewed from very early stages upto the present times, when it was declared as 22nd district of Haryana. Similarly, development of the people of this region in various fields of culture has been discussed and evaluated for benefit of the readers.
This valuable work is an excellent step towards educating the present and future generations through events of the past and inspiring them for future development. More than eighty points of views have been discussed with more than sixty illustrations many of which are vintage pictures. The whole exercise presents an example of how history can be made interesting and useful for the readers.
Saturated with extensive research coupled with heritage valuables, this book is of academic as well as general interest. This is one of the best books authored by Sri V.P.S. Rao, the renowned spirituo-cultural luminary, who has been devoting himself to the cause of preservation and propagation of the unique culture of India for the last more than half a century and has been writing extensively on related issues in English, Hindi and Panjabi.
Such books should be taught in educational institutions as a part of their curriculum and also made available in public libraries.
It has been published by the Haryana Granth Academy. It can be purchased from the Academy Bhawan, P-16, Sector-14, Panchkula-134113