Chandigarh, 1 June 2023: Geet and Malhar's lives have changed since a character named Samrat arrived in the show "Geet Dholi," and Samrat is doing everything he can to get Geet. Samrat destroys everyone who is in his way and tries to come close to her.

Today we will see that Malhar, unaware of the samrat's truth, sends Geet to the temple with him. On the other side, he is looking for Gunjan and comes across her in a wounded state, where she tells Malhar everything about Samrat. Malhar is concerned about Geet and follows them to the temple in an attempt to save her.

Can Geet recognize the real face of the Samrat? Will Malhar succeed in saving Geet from the Samrat or not? Watch today's dramatic and exciting episode of Geet Dholi at 8:00 PM on Zee Punjabi.