Chandigarh, 31 May 2023: In the show "Nayan-Jo Vekhe Unvekha", Rita plans to kill Nayan's children before birth, and they mix poison in Prashad to kill Nayan.

In the last episode, we saw that Rita tries to kill Nayan by giving her poisonous prasad, but Mata Rani protects Nayan and shields her from all attacks. When all of Rita's efforts fail, she comes up with another plan to kidnap and kill her children in the hospital. On the other hand, Sehdev switches the newborn baby with Nayan's children in order to save his wife Neelam's life because their child is born dead.

Will Nayan be able to keep her children safe? Will Jeevan, Rita's dispatched kidnapper, kill Nayan's children? To find out what happens to Nayan and her children, watch "Nayan Jo Vekhe Unvekha" tonight at 8:30 PM exclusively on Zee Punjabi.