Chandigarh/Panchkula /Mohali / Aurangabad, January 30TH, 2023: ‘Relinquish the ego and embrace the Supreme God to lead a serene life’ was expressed by Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj while addressing the colossal Nirankari fraternity on the second day of the 56th Annual Nirankari Saint Samagam of Maharashtra at Bidkin DMIC area of Aurangabad.

Satguru Mata Ji further while articulating said that a man considers himself to be superior and prioritises the materialistic things in his mind, which hinders him from leading his life in true realm, which can be attained by staying, connected to the Ultimate Truth.

Satguru Mata Ji further explained that just as a drop of water merges and becomes a part of the ocean likewise, when a man quits his self-centred identity (Ego) and connects with the Ultimate Truth, attains highest status of human embodiment.

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj concluded the congregation by citing an example that just as a dirty cloth is cleaned by using soap and water, similarly, Human mind can be relinquished of the Ego by uniting with the Almighty, imbibing Oneness and thus blending Spirituality with Humanity and reflecting in his thoughts, words and deeds.

Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra visited the Samagam

Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Eknath Ji Shinde visited Nirankari Saint Samagam on Sunday afternoon, 29th January, 2023. In his brief address he spoke high of the spiritual and social work done by the Sant Nirankari Mission while spreading happiness. He commended the works done by the Mission during the Covid times, natural calamities like floods etc and carrying out of cleanliness campaigns at regular intervals.

Guardian Minister of Aurangabad Mr. Sandipan Bhumre, Minister Mr.Abdul Sattar were among the dignitaries present during the visit.