NEW DELHI,29 March, 2022: Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways and Civil Aviation, Government of India, Gen VK Singh launched a book “”, written by Dr Ekta Singh.

This book is published by Times group, the well known publisher. In the event, Dr Ekta Singh said that the book is a work of fiction and revolves around the story of a young adult Kundan. But the real objective of the book is to convey messages that have the potential to make life happier and healthier.

While launching the book " Gen V K Singh said that the book explores human psychology and life philosophy in a scientific way.

The core idea of the book starts with a question, 'what do we want to achieve in our life?' This question has been asked during a discussion among the group of few youngsters; an IITian, a yoga instructor, a medical student, an MBA, a student of BA second year and a gynaecologist, she added.

She believes in empowerment and dignity of human life. This book is an effort to personify the proverb that, ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,’ she added.

The launch of the book was followed by a discussion in which the author took questions. The 303-page book has been published by Times group and is available on Amazon.