CHANDIGARH,31.05.22-Under the School Health and Wellness Endeavour (SHE Programme), a guest lecture was organized for the Josephites to understand the responsibility towards the Personal Hygiene and Healthy Diet. Dr. Swati Gupta, Associate Consultant Paediatrics, Fortis Hospital, Mohali enlightened the students of Class V of Primary II Block about various aspects of health and hygiene.

With all her expertise of working as a leading Paediatrician, she emphasized the need of balanced diet, healthy hands and hygiene etiquettes that will promote good health of children. She motivated the students by saying that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” Therefore, it is essential to practice healthy habits related to personal hygiene such as washing hands and brushing teeth to remain disease free.

She further laid emphasis on the fact that, “We are what we eat”. She told about the components of balanced diet and stressed on having breakfast daily. Josephites were also made aware of health problems created by eating junk food. She urged the students to limit their screen timings as increased exposure to the screens aggravates anger and frustration amongst them.

The Josephites learnt a lot from the lecture and came up with beautiful reflections of it. Speaking on the occasion, the school principal Ms. Monica Chawla expressed her gratitude towards the guest of honour, Dr. Swati Gupta for such an enlightening experience which left the Josephites and all the staff members determined to bring about major lifestyle changes by adopting healthy food choices and taking adequate care of their personal hygiene.