Dear Customer, 07.07.20-
This is my sixth letter to you since the lockdown. We have all lived through three months of uncertainty and it seems to be clear that this will be a way of life with the rise and ebb of Covid across the country. The importance of what we do to connect you has become even more important in this period.

I therefore want to thank more than a million of you who have reached out to us directly during this period. Our conversations with you have deepened our understanding of your needs and will enable us to serve you better. A simple idea has emerged from your suggestions and complaints which I am very excited to share with you – Open to Questions.

'Open to Questions' is our commitment to you with a simple promise. We will declare a war on failure internally so that your experience is great. As you know, wireless technologies and networks always have some errors and faults. So Open to Questions is a platform for us to ensure we do not rest till we find solutions.

What is our ask of you - we want you to reach out to us, ask us to step in if something isn't right, interrogate us and demand solutions. Our promise is that we will answer each and every one of your questions, till you are satisfied. Where we cannot solve it, we will tell you transparently.

By the way, the good news is that for all of you who are a part of Airtel Platinum, we have launched several new features to ensure an un-interrupted work from home experience. You now have access to Preferential 4G Network, which translates into higher data speeds. You can enjoy superior indoor coverage through our Wi-Fi calling solution. You will get preferential service at both our call centres as well as retail stores. And that's not all. You are also entitled to a host of other privileges and rewards, which you can view in your Airtel Thanks app. Further, you can now order your Platinum SIM online and we will deliver it to your home. If you would rather wish to upgrade your existing SIM to Platinum – click here.

As always, thank you for your support, feedback and even complaints. This is what inspires us to get better every day.

Gopal Vittal
CEO Airtel