CHANDIGARH,18.04.20- Famous City Dentist DR.SARABAJEET SINGH, who used to be consulted by booking for examiniing of tooth problems due to his expertise in his profession , but lock down and curfew existed since 22nd March had made him at home and Dr Sarabjeet started experiencing making of Food Recipes for enhancing his knowingness in food items and helping his wife in the kitchen.

Dr.Sahib is of this view that this the best enjoyable pass time, is relishing the dishes and also rendering of helping hand to one's wife. Dr.Sahib is also involved himself in performing other duties like guiding the children in their studies.Physical exercises and listening to TV Programs and researching novel fields on computer, all which had made him so busy in lock out. Dr.Sahib claims that he is enjoying by substituting constructive tasks in stead of his Dental Profession, which is on halt due to present crucial situation.

Thanks to lock out and imposition of curfew, which had not only helped in not only repulsing CORONA VIRUS, but facilitated him with lot of rest , learning of new techniques in food preparations, exercises to keep the body fit, to guide the children in their studies to listen to TV programs for entertainment.