CHANDIGARH, 16.06.24-AAP leader has criticised the move of MC to lease out 33 Acres of Land situated in Chandigarh villages, bordering Punjab, worth over Rs 200 Crores on lease for agriculture to people just for peanuts of about Rs 10 Lakhs per annum. He has expressed the doubt that MC officials are playing into the hands of Land Mafia, who are out to usurp the valuable land of the city. He says once given on lease for five years, it will become almost impossible to get this land vacated from the occupiers. He had suggested that instead of leasing this prime land, the MC may consider undertaking agro forestry on its own. He has expressed fear that these lands not being even clearly demarcated till date and bordering Punjab, will get into long drawn litigations.

He has drawn attention to the fact by observing the rapid pace at which things are happening. Land worth 200 crores is being handed over to the land mafia for a mere Rs 10 lakh per annum, just three days after the agenda was passed. It appears to be a pre-planned move of MC, with only three working days' public notice for the auction.