MUMBAI,15.06.24-Zee Punjabi’s beloved actors Srubhi Mittal and Ramandeep Singh Sur, known for their captivating roles as Shivika and Kabir in the Zee Punjabi popular show “Shivika-sath yugan Yugan da”, “Sehajveer,” reveal touching insights into their real-life family bonds, highlighting the importance of love and support within a family.

Ramandeep Singh Sur who is playing the lead role of Kabir, a dedicated father in real life, speaks about his cherished relationship with his son. “Being a father is incredibly fulfilling. I take pride in being responsible, loving, and caring for my son. We share a special bond, and spending time with him is the highlight of my day. Whether we are playing, learning, or just talking, each moment strengthens our relationship,” Ramandeep shares, reflecting his deep affection and commitment.

Surbhi Mittal who brings the character of Shivika to life, discusses the unique and supportive bond she shares with her father. “My father has always been my biggest supporter, especially during tough times. Our relationship is built on mutual strength and understanding. His unwavering support has helped me navigate through challenges and emerge stronger. The love and guidance I receive from him are invaluable,” she expresses with heartfelt emotion.

As Father’s Day approaches, these heartfelt stories from Surbhi Mittal and Ramandeep Singh Sur remind us of the profound impact of family relationships and the enduring bonds between parents and their children. Watch your favourite characters Surbhi Mittal as Shivika, and Ramandeep Singh Sur as Kabir every Mon to Sat from 7:00 Pm to 9:30 pm only on Zee Punjabi.