CHANDIGARH,22.05.24-Today i.e. 21.05.2024 Road Safety Awareness Cell of Chandigarh Traffic Police conducted a Road Safety Awareness Session about traffic rules, regulations and important road safety issues for the students of Govt. Senior Secondary School Khuda Lahora Chandigarh at CTP sec 23 CHD. 41 students of 8th Class and 02 teachers attended this session.

During this session they were awared about the important Provisions, Rules and Regulations contained in Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation ( MVDR )2017, Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019 and CMVR 1989. Special emphasis was given on the Impact and Importance of use of safety gadgets i.e. safety headgear " HELMET ", wearing of Seat belt by driver as well as by front and rear copessengers for their own safety, impact and penal consequences of driving of motor vehicle by Juviniles without driving licence , how to cross road safely from Pedestrain zebra crossing and walking safely by the road side and plying bicycle on cycle tracks .

Besides of this they were also made aware about impact & importance of various important road safety issues which are for their own safety as well as for the safety of the other road users :-

☆ Importance and significance of Traffic Road Signages, Road Markings and Traffic Lights signals.

☆ Importance and usage of Cycle Track while bicycling which are for their own safety.

☆ Importance and Impact of wearing of safety Headgear “HELMET” of Good quality of ISI Mark and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) quality by two wheeler driver and pillion rider above the age of 04 years as it protect the Head from Head Injuries in road crashes and save precious humane life.

☆ Importance and Impact of wearing seatbelt by LMV user i.e driver, front co-passenger and rear seat passengers which protects the person wearing Seat Belt from severe bodily injuries.

☆ No Unnecessary Honking. Not to Honk especially in " No Honking Zone " an area of 100 meters around Hospitals , Courts and Educational institutes.

☆ Importance and Impact of rear view Mirror before Lane Changing, turning Right and Left to avoid Collision and for one’s own safety and safety of other road users.

 “Red Signal On, Engine Off” to save Environment from vehicular pollution and to save fuel.

☆ Impact of usage of Mobile phone by Motor Vehicle driver, Cyclist and Pedestrian which causes distraction and resulting into road crashes or any other untoward incident.

☆ No Jay walking on roads and to cross roads from Pedestrain Zebra Crossing Markings with due care and caution and not to cross the road from the passege in-between the parked vehicles.

☆ Importance and Impact of Lane Driving causes “Lane Driving is Sane Driving” and Lane Driving avoid traffic congestion and stream line of traffic flow.

☆ Give way to Emergency Vehicle i.e. Ambulance, fire brigade and Police (PCR) Vehicles.

² They ware aware about Semeoletre and demonstrations of simulator

Driving, how can they drive safely and tell them they can not drive because they are Juvinal.

A pledge was also administered to follow and obey traffic rules and regulations .

Chandigarh Traffic Police appeals to all the citizens to follow and obey traffic rules & regulations for their own safety as well as for the safety of other road users for making the roads more safer and to reduce road crash fatalities.