SHIMLA-15th May, 2024

After Scrutiny of Nomination papers 40 stand valid in all four PCs and 25 in ACs.

Out of the total 80 nomination forms received for the Lok Sabha elections in all the four Parliamentary Constituencies (PC’s), wherein 51 candidates submitted their nominations, 40 nominations filed by the candidates were held valid after the scrutiny.

This was revealed by a spokesperson of the State Election department here today.

He stated that 23 nomination forms were received for Kangra PC, followed by 22 in Mandi, 20 in Hamirpur and 15 in Shimla PC and as of date, after scrutiny, the candidates whose nominations were found valid stands as 11 in Kangra, 10 in Mandi, 12 in Hamirpur and 7 in Shimla PC.

In Kangra PC, the nomination papers found invalid and rejected were those of Vijay Kumar of Bahujan Samaj Party, Ashish Butail of INC, (both Substitute) and of Sanjay Kumar Rana, an Independent candidate.

Similarly, in Mandi PC the nomination forms rejected were of Sunder Singh Thakur INC, Govind Singh Thakur BJP (as substitute candidates), Laik Ram Negi & Sukh Ram, both Independent candidates.

In Hamirpur the nomination forms of Rattan Chand Katoch BSP, Anjana Devi of INC, Virendar Kanwar BJP (all substitute candidates), were found invalid rejected.

In Shimla, the nomination form of Reena Kashyap BJP, as a substitute candidate was held invalid.

Similarly, for by-polls in the six Assembly Constituencies, (AC’s) the total nomination forms received were 35 with 33 candidates filing their nominations. Total nomination forms received were five each in Dharamshala, Lahaul-Spiti and Kutlehar AC’s followed by nine received in Sujanpur AC, eight in Gagret and three in Barsar.

After the scrutiny, 25 nominations were found valid viz: four in Dharamshala, three each in Lahaul-Spiti and Barsar, eight in Sujanpur and seven in Gagret.

In Dharamshala the nomination form rejected were those of Suresh Kumar of INC, in Lahaul-Spiti the form of Anil Kumar of INC was held invalid, in Gagret the nomination form of Renu Kalia as a covering candidate of INC was rejected after scrutiny. In Sujanpur and Barsar all nomination papers were found correct.

However, the scrutiny in Kutlehar AC is adjourned till tomorrow due to objections raised against nomination of one of the candidate, he stated.