*Mr. Pardeep Singh Bains, CEO of NRI Legal Solutions, underscored the firm's unwavering commitment to tackling the intricate logistical and legal challenges faced by NRIs worldwide.

Chandigarh, 12.05.24- : NRI Legal Solutions is thrilled to unveil a new suite of services designed specifically for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), as announced at today's press conference at the Chandigarh Press Club.

The company, a leader in legal and consultancy services, now provides specialized solutions, including property management and dispute resolution. Mr. Bains highlighted its meticulous property maintenance, tenant relations management, and resolution of unauthorized property use. He mentioned its efficiency in facilitating real estate transactions for NRIs abroad and its comprehensive banking and financial advice, which covers economic dispute advocacy and secure international fund transfers.

Moreover, NRI Legal Solutions offers investment and tax consultation to help NRIs navigate the complexities of the Indian market and dual taxation. Their extended services also cover corporate legal issues, providing legal representation, strategic advice on corporate disputes, arbitration, judicial proceedings, business setup, and compliance guidance. The firm also manages family law and marital disputes, including divorce litigation, custody disputes, and immigration challenges, such as visa and OCI card services. Additional services include processing PAN card applications and organizing medical consultations in India. They also launched an event management service to help NRIs effortlessly manage significant personal events.
In closing,

Mr. Bains introduced the NRI Legal Solutions Club, a haven of bespoke assistance, expedited service access, and exclusive event invitations, elevating the NRI experience abroad.