Chandigarh, 01.05.24-On May 1st, 2024, Ashiana Public School, Sector 46-A, Chandigarh celebrated Labour Day. The school took the opportunity to honour and appreciate the hardworking support staff who work tirelessly in the smooth functioning of the school. The students of the senior wing prepared special cards for the supporting staff to show their gratitude towards them. The students also prepared some performances to make the day special for them.

The school management extended a humble gesture to all the supporting staff by providing a small token of appreciation to hardworking maids, peons, and guards.

The School Director, Mrs. Lalita Prakash expressed her gratitude to all the members of the support staff. She also expressed her gratitude for tireless, continuous, and consistent help provided by the support staff in making the lives of all the people working in the school effortless, safe and secure. The school acknowledged the invaluable contributions made by the support staff and expressed its commitment to continue providing them with the necessary support and recognition. At the end of the day, a special lunch and some entertainment was organized for the supporting staff.