*DUBAI ( UAE ), 19.07.24-Beauty and good health are a matters of cultivating some good habits to last your lifetime.

To help out our readers, popular Model, Actor and Vlogger " SAM RATTAN "reached out and here are the Seven Tips by her, for a Happier, Healthier Life.

*1.Give to live longer.

Doing positive things for others increases positive emotions, which boosts our immune system. Studies of older adults show a 50% increase in survival for those who have meaningful, giving relationships in their lives.

*2.Use your vacation time to function at your best.
Daily stressors can be hard on us and can lead to problems that take away from our abilities to enjoy life. Vacation days provide us with the extended rest our minds and bodies need to stay healthy and for us to function at our very best.

*3.Schedule self-care breaks to improve productivity.

Finding the right balance of stress and relaxation is key to optimum performance.
When you have a stressful week ahead, make sure to schedule at least 20 minutes a day to do whatever you want. Some ideas... get outdoors for a walk, smell the flowers, listen to your favorite soothing music, laugh with a friend... or even enjoy doing nothing at all.

*4. Prioritize a good night's sleep.

Sleep deprivation fogs our brain, causes our bodies to crave carbs and interferes with the body's ability to metabolize them! Creating a routine around bedtime that you look forward to and adopting some good sleep hygiene habits can make it easier to maintain a healthy weight and sustain sharper focus throughout the day.

*5. Do something you enjoy to be a better parent, partner, you.

Putting everyone first and yourself last, usually leads to burn out...like a car that only receives gasoline and no maintenance. Taking time for self-care helps you be your best you when you're there for others.

*6.Limit Unhealthy Fats.
Saturated and trans fats can raise your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and increase your risk for unwanted disease. To avoid these fats, limit your intake of pastries, red meat, processed meats, and fried foods.
Trade these for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, found in such foods as olive oil, avocado, almonds, cashews, salmon, and anchovies.

*7.Don't compare yourself to others.

It's easy to make a side-by-side comparison between yourself and your peers due to social media. Try to remember that the things people post publically may not reflect the truth of their personal lives. Focus on cultivating gratitude for the good things in your own life, rather than comparing your situation to others.