Phillaur (Jalandhar), February 28-Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on Wednesday said that in order to provide efficient, responsive and effective Policing the state government is upgrading the Punjab Police on modren lines.

Addressing the gathering here before flagging off the 410 new vehicles, the Chief Minister said that for the first time new vehicles are being given to the SHOs. He said that this is contrary to earlier trend when the new vehicles were given to the top officers instead of those at grassroot level. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that SHOs are the real face of the Punjab police as they are directly connected with people.

The Chief Minister said that to check the fatality rate due to road accidents in the state on one hand and to streamline the movement of traffic on the roads of the state on the other, the state government has launched Sadak Surakhya Force. He said that the first of its kind specialized force is acting as a pivotal to save several precious lives that are lost in road accidents daily in Punjab and this force has been entrusted with the task of checking rash driving, streamlining vehicular movement on roads and others to check the road accidents. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that initially 129 vehicles equipped with ultra modern gadgets have been deployed after every 30 kilometres to man the roads and these vehicles will also have a complete medical kit for providing emergency treatment to any person in need.

The Chief Minister said that it is matter of immense pride and satisfaction that Sadak Surakhya Force have been instrumental in reducing death rate within fortnight as against the earlier average of 17 deaths per day, only 13 deaths have been reported in last 15 days. He said that this is just preliminary results and it will be reduced further in coming times . Bhagwant Singh Mann said that Sadak Surakhya Force will be instrumental in reducing the burden from the district Police and improve their efficiency.

The Chief Minister said that being a border state a number of forces inimical to state have been chalking out nefarious designs to disturb hard earned peace of state but the Punjab Police has always foiled such attempts. He said that to further overcome major challenges faced by the state it is imperative that the Police force is updated as per advanced requirements in the field of investigation, science and technology. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the Punjab government is committed to upgrade and modernize the state Police on scientific lines adding that Punjab Police will uphold its glorious legacy of selfless service to nation in coming times too.

The Chief Minister said that as a part of women empowerment eight exclusive Police stations have been set up for safety and security of the women. He said that several districts of the state are having female officers as Senior Superintendent of Police and more than 10 districts have lady Deputy Commissioners. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that concerted efforts are being made for the welfare of the girls in the state and these initiatives are producing desired results.

The Chief Minister said that the Punjab government has taken several path breaking initiatives for welfare of the people. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that 90% households are now getting free power, more than 40,000 youth have got government jobs, health and education facilities are being provided to people. He said that all these initiatives are aimed at well being of the common man and no stone is being left unturned for it.

The Chief Minister said that the state government has already decided to recruit 1800 Constables and 300 Sub Inspectors every year in Punjab Police for the coming four years to overcome the scarcity of cops. He said that as for these 2100 posts every year around 2.50 lakh candidates are expected to apply for these posts so all the aspirants will get involved in academics as well as in improving their physique for clearing the tests. Bhagwant Mann said that this is helping in channelizing their unbounded energy in a positive direction and help them in weaning away from the menace of drugs.

The Chief Minister said that he very well knows that ‘idle mind is the devil's workshop, so every effort is being made to provide jobs to youth so that they remain occupied in work and sports. He said that sports are being promoted by the Punjab government In a big way to channelise the unbounded energy of youth in a positive direction. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the motive is to ensure that the drug smugglers don’t get the customers for their produce.

The Chief Minister said that Punjab will be a drug free state soon as the state government has launched a major crackdown to snap the supply line of drugs. He unequivocally said that the drug peddlers will not be spared at any cost but every effort must be made to rehabilitate the drug addicts. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the Punjab Police is committed for making state completely drug free and concerted efforts are being made for it.

The Chief Minister said that In another path breaking initiative aimed at the welfare of families of the cops of the Punjab Police, the state government has organised Guldasta function. He said that the heroes of the Punjab Police discharge their duty efficaciously and this function is dedicated to the families of these brave hearts. Bhagwant Singh Mann

said that the families of these cops have to suffer a lot as most of the time they are neglected during the call of duty adding that this function is aimed at facilitating the families to sit together and enjoy this event.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister also handed over cheques of financial assistance to the families of ASI Hardev Singh, Senior Constable Gurpreet Singh and Constable Shallu Rana who had died during the call of duty.