Chandigarh, February 24 - Speaking as the chief guest at a national seminar on "Artificial Intelligence: Legal Implications and Challenges" at the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar International Center in New Delhi on Saturday, Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya said that the use of artificial intelligence is increasing in every aspect of society. The benefit of AI also indicates a significant increase in the strength and transparency of legal systems. While AI will be helpful in information and analysis, it should also be considered for the associated challenges.

Governor Dattatraya said that it is the age of technology, and we need to move forward with technology. Along with technology, attention must also be paid to research. In the era of advancing artificial intelligence, after the use of AI in various areas such as privacy, responsibility, intellectual property, and human rights, it is also necessary to consider legal concepts and challenges. The rapid progress of AI technologies has brought changes to the relevant legal frameworks, prompting discussions on issues such as accountability and regulation.

He said that AI-operated devices can automate regular tasks such as document review, case analysis, and contract management, which can streamline legal processes, reduce the burden on legal professionals, and expedite case handling.

Governor Dattatraya also mentioned the increasing impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, stating that automation through artificial intelligence will bring changes to the labor market. There will be a need to retrain the workforce accordingly. It is becoming increasingly necessary to find appropriate legal ways to manage this change and ensure that the benefits of AI are widely shared across society. Balancing innovation and individual rights, as well as ensuring the protection of privacy and societal well-being, is essential for understanding the full potential of AI technology in an impartial manner.