MUMBAI,12.02.24-In a vibrant celebration of Basant Panchami, Zee Punjabi's popular show "Dilan De Rishtey" has transformed its sets into a kaleidoscope of colours and joy. The upcoming sequence promises an unforgettable Basant Panchami celebration in Shaminder's house which Gurman, Maninder and Keerat will invite.

The highlight of this special episode is the enchanting chemistry between Sartaj and Keerat, portrayed with delightful authenticity by the talented actors. The on-screen couple is set to steal hearts as they engage in the age-old tradition of kite flying. Sartaj, essayed by a charismatic performer, takes on the role of a charming mentor, teaching Keerat, played by a mesmerizing actress, the art of flying a kite.

The on-screen duo's chemistry is palpable as they navigate the skies together, their laughter resonating with the joy of the festival. The Basant Panchami celebration in "Dilan De Rishtey" promises not only a visual spectacle with vibrant kites adorning the screen but also a heartwarming display of love and camaraderie.

Fans and viewers can look forward to a celebration that transcends the screen, as Sartaj and Keerat's kite-flying chemistry adds an extra layer of romance and excitement to the Basant Panchami festivities. "Dilan De Rishtey" continues to weave tales of love and relationships, making every celebration a memorable experience for its audience. Don't miss this enchanting episode that brings the magic of Basant Panchami to life on Sartaj and Keerat’s life in Dilan De Rishtey on 13th February at 7:30 pm only on zee Punjabi!