Government plans to set up 40 Urban Health and Wellness Centers

SHIMLA,7th December, 2023-To provide state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to the people across the state the Government mulls to establish world-class infrastructure and plans to set up 40 Urban Health and Wellness Centers (u-HWCs).

On getting functional, these centers will transform healthcare accessibility, delivering quality essential services directly at the doorstep of the people. The government will equip each u-HWC with a dedicated specialized team that will include a Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, and Class-IV staff members.

Emphasizing the importance of Universal Comprehensive Primary Health Care, the Chief Minister stated: "It plays a crucial role in improving health services and the cost associated with it, thereby making our society healthier while also reducing morbidity and mortality rate. This approach also significantly diminishes the demand for Secondary and Tertiary Care and as a result, minimizing expenditure burden on citizens."


SHIMLA-7th December, 2023

CM appeals to generously contribute towards Armed Forces Flag day

Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day. He said that the youth of Himachal Pradesh have an important contribution in the Army and it was a matter of pride for the brave hearts of this small hill state that have been decorated with four Paramveer Chakras while valiantly protecting their motherland from external invasions.

The soldiers from the state have been always at the fore-front showing dust to enemy and even not afraid to sacrifice their lives for the Nation.

The Chief Minister said that it was the responsibility of all of us to provide proper assistance to the families of these soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. The state government is continuously making efforts for the rehabilitation and welfare of war victims and ex-servicemen besides their families.

In an appeal to the general public, the Chief Minister has urged to contribute generously on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day so that the amount collected can be used to help the soldiers, ex-servicemen and their dependents.

At present, there is one Urban Primary Health Center for every 50,000 persons. The visionary plan aims to bring a drastic improvement to this ratio with a target for each u-HWC to cater to around 20,000 people. This will ensure more targeted and personalized healthcare services for people residing in urban areas. This strategic initiative underscores the government's commitment of providing quality and affordable public healthcare facilities at doorsteps to all the citizens, stated Sh. Sukhu, adding that establishment of these u-HWCs is a crucial step towards achieving a robust and inclusive healthcare system in Himachal Pradesh.

This government initiative also recognizes the unique healthcare needs of urban residents, by acknowledging the diverse population, including migrants from other states, settled in urban settings. This would also tackle the problem of lack of frontline healthcare workforce, evident especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chief Minister stated that this ambitious plan signifies a progressive leap towards a more resilient healthcare framework and at the same time addressing the distinctive health challenges faced by urban communities and reinforces the government's commitment of establishing the world-class public healthcare network in the state.